September 30, 2012


Yesterday Mr Medic was telling me of a conversation he had with a co-worker.  He asked her how being newly married was.  She blew it off saying "it's the same as being single"  They talked about how her husband often had single friends over to play video games and whatnot.

Although Mr Medic has always enjoyed some video gaming with his buddies, he committed before he even came home from his mission, or started dating me, that he would not play them again.  He was wise enough to know that they can become very addicting and all consuming.

Of this I am very thankful.

As a matter of fact, I never have to worry about competing with the TV in any way.  Mr Medic doesn't even watch sports!  I won't ever have to try to explain to my kids why they don't watch movies or TV on Sundays, but daddy can watch the Super Bowl.

What a great guy I have!  He is the perfect example of what I have always dreamed to have as a spouse and father to my children.  (all except for the nerdy-ness, but even that I have come to cherish)

Recently I had a friend ask how I regulate my time with different media forms (FB and blogging, most specifically)  I replied that I was the wrong person to ask because I spend a lot more time than most.

Here is me justifying time spent:

-For quite some time FB was the prime way for me to more fully serve in my church callings.  It's just so quick to correspond with more than one person at a time to coordinate plans.

-I am able to stay in contact with some of my most special friends.  I had the pleasure of making my roommates my family.  They are who helped me to develop better character, grow my testimony, and learn to have healthy relationships.  I love to see how each of them are doing, since everyone is no longer near me.

This is not even all of my you all so much!
-I love to share with others what is going on in my life.

-Its great to get immediate feedback on all of my parenting questions from people I know and trust.

-Blogging provides a way for me to remember things.  I suffer from mom brain.  Did you know it is a real disease?

-I find joy in documenting the sweet, and sometimes not so sweet things my boys are doing, the lessons I am learning, and fun family moments.

-I do not have a messy home, my children are cared for and given attention, and I keep up with my commitments to others.  Therefore, I can't possibly be online too much right?

BUT, you know its time for a change when...

-A long lost friend calls and says "I'm so glad you are a FB junkie, because I feel like I know what is going on in your life

-Someone comments on your wall "just so you know, you haven't posted in two day.  Where are you?"

-You read a friends blog explaining why the have deleted their FB and think to yourself "I don't have to do that, I'm not going overboard."

-Your own mother has been dropping hints forever (I bet she is thinking "I told you so" like moms do)

All this being said, the recent reminder of the sacrifices Mr Medic makes to give his full attention to his family was the icing on the cake.

I would not go so far as to say that I will never participate in these activities again, because they do provide some sanity.  Nor will I set time limits.

Here's what I will do:

-I will simply strive to meet my personal spiritual needs first, which include time reading the Bible and Book of Mormon and individual meditation and prayer.

-I will continue to meet the needs of my family.

-I will be working to introduce my sweet Twodles to the world of more formal learning.  He is so smart already, but we will venture into colors, numbers, letters and the like.

-I will soak up the time I have to be with my sweet companion.  It doesn't happen often.  In fact, I think this is the first time Mr Medic isn't in classes, so I want to give him some more of the same undivided attention that he gives us!