October 3, 2012

Sans Neverland

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys never grew old...baby boy isn't one of them!

Milestones at a Glance....

First Documented Smile 7/2/12

  • He seems to be very smiley.  I've thought even more so than Twodles was, but figured it was just me.  Mr Medic voiced the same thing just the other day so it must be.  He smiles when you talk to him, bounce him, and sometimes as soon as he's been unswaddled from a nap and had a good stretch.  Maybe this means he's not taking after daddy and big brother.  He seems to be pretty sweet almost just as soon as he's been retrieved.  
  • From early on I noticed a special attachment to the changing table.  I have a picture of Jesus with a child sitting on His lap right above the table, and its almost as if the babe smiles just as soon as he sees that picture.  It is one of his very favorite spots to be.  Its too bad that he is mobile now, because I could leave him there for a bit to enjoy whatever it is he likes so much.

First Shots 8/14/12 (2 months)-
  • He definitely didn't enjoy getting shots, but seemed ok since he fell asleep pretty quick.  I didn't think any more of it since Twodles handled things pretty well.  As soon as baby boy woke up he was hysterical.  If we were to even brush up against his legs at all he would tense up and scream bloody murder.  He was in so much pain he wouldn't even nurse.  It was the saddest thing ever.

Starting to notice cooing and "talking"  week of 9/9/12

              movie to come, hard time uploading

Rolled from front to back on 9/18/12 (3 months)-

  • I kept hearing about other peoples babies that were about the same age or even a bit younger than baby boy rolling over.  I admit I am not great at making him do tummy time (he's either just eaten and I don't want him puking it all up, or sleeping) so I figured he was far from being ready to roll over.  I decided to see what would happen if I put him on his tummy.  Low and behold he just rolled right over

Starts giggling 9/24/12

  • He seems to be ticklish, and has even laughed at funny noises that Twodles makes

Rolls from back to tummy 9/29/12

First time rolling from back to tummy
Rolled halfway from back to front...can't decide which direction he wants to be.  
Rolled from his back to his tummy and got stuck

We DEFINITELY have a bit of a thumb sucker:

I don't know if it's a coincidence but he is sucking is right thumb in every picture.  It IS cute, but its not going to be so cute when he is 10 and still sucking on that thing and he has teeth like Austin Powers.

His hair, we have decided, reminds of us of a dinosaur or shark:

Conan's got nothin' on me!
His hair just naturally does this
Shark Fin

Dino Head
Say hello to Mr. Corythosaurus aka baby boys twin

We are currently mulling around nicknames that would go along with those two animals.

Baby boy was sleeping pretty well through the night, only waking once to eat and going right back to sleep till morning.  We are on an I-want-to-eat-every-two-hours kick right now.  

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