September 28, 2012

Sleepy Head

When first married, I witnessed one of the most bizarre morning rituals performed by man.  Mr Medic swung his legs over the bed with his hands on his knees grunting and moaning.  Not quite awake, I shot up thinking he was hurt or sick.  I immediately rubbed his back and asked if he was ok to which he flung my hand away.  I soon realized that the man I married is not a morning person.  He doesn't like to be touched or talked to right away, and needs a nice hot shower to regain his faculties.

I wasn't let on to this gem of a trait until I recounted the experience to the sloth family at Sunday dinner.  Apparently it is one that has been with Mr Medic for quite some time.  He was the kid no one wanted to wake for early morning family prayer and scripture, in fear of being eaten alive.  The family's solution was to send in the sweet innocent 2 yr old sister.

This has been hard to adjust to considering I am a morning person.  If you've ever seen Enchanted, just picture this chica and her obnoxious happiness.

Ok...maybe not that annoyingly happy, but close!  The second I'm awake I am ready to go...most days anyway.  When I've been up off and on all night with one child or the other, or when I've stayed up way too late eating junk food and catching up on my favorite series, is when I want to pretend I have no responsibility.  I usually plop in a movie for Twodles to watch while I wait for my eyeballs to work off the bloodshot.  

Anyway, I have witnessed Twodles take after his daddy, and not just with his looks.  It is in my best interest to let the kid sit in his room for a while until he sounds happy before going in to get him.  It has taken a few times of going in way too early and then dealing with mr grumpy pants, for me to learn my lesson.  If that happens, the day is done for before it even starts.  He has even told me to "go way" when I go in too soon.  

Here are a few pictures of the joy I experience if Twodles hasn't had adequate time to wake up:

Just sitting on his bed whining for no reason
Still grumpy, even after 10 minutes

Maybe someday I'll have some super sweet girls to counteract the grump-fest moments.  For now I just have to suppress my laughter at how hilariously funny it is to see Twodles act just like daddy.