August 7, 2014

Rochester Public Market

I'm not sure if I'm giving the supermarkets here a fair chance since I have Idaho prices on my brain or what, but I haven't been excited about the cost of groceries. I finally got a lead for a ghetto grocery store called Price Rite, complete with security man at the entrance and all! I was more satisfied with the prices, although there were a few things I wasn't prepared for.

You have to bring your own bags or pay .11/bag, which means I may need to find me some reusables. They also have this weird checkout system where the checker scans all your items and puts them into the cart of the person who checked out ahead of you. Then you take your cart to this bagging area to put into bags. It works, but it's just different from anything I've ever seen. The store also does not take coupons, and doesn't have every item like a regular store would. For now it will do.

We've also been told by countless people that we need to go to the Public Market for produce. It's a year round outdoor market on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The boys and I decided to go on an adventure today to see what it was all about!

Our mail woman was pretty surprised we "went all the way to the market" Not sure if it's a sketchy area or what.
These littles had a good time and a vendor even gave them a free bag of kettle chips to munch on while I shopped.
Beautiful rainbow of colors!

 The market doesn't take cash, which I kinda thought they might not, but didn't come prepared for some dumb reason. We found an ATM though and were ready to get our shop on. I thought the prices were good and the selection was fun! We will definitely go back again better prepared with a list of what we want...and cash!
Romane lettuce: $1/each. Strawberries: 3 for $5. 3 lb. Pineapple: $1.50. Blueberries: $1.50. Cucumbers and Zucchini: 3 for $1. Spinach $1. 4 lbs. of apples $3. **I spy a little snitch that took a chunk out of an apple already!**
The boys loved eating berries from the market for lunch. (We scored this little table for $10 on Craigslist. The boys love to sit out and have a "picnic")
Who wouldn't love these little berry munching humans?!? 

There have obviously been lots of adjustments, but so far we have really enjoyed Rochester and are excited for many more fun adventures to share!

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