August 9, 2014

Beach Boys

Twodles learned about The Creation (is that supposed to be capitalized? I mean it is THE CREATION) last Sunday at church. Someone mentioned the beach and of course Twodles had no idea what they were talking about...poor Idaho boy! He asked his teacher "can my dad take me to the beach?" and hasn't stopped talking about it sense.

Thankfully, we had our chance to go with some other mom's from our church, otherwise I might have gone batty from all the begging to go. The boys were both very excited when I told them what we were doing that day. Twodles wondered if there was a lot of sand, and could he swim in the water. He couldn't wait to see it!

We all had a great time at Durrand Eastman Beach! Twodles repeated "This is the best day EVER!" over and over. (I thought it was so cute until I realized he was quoting Tangled! hahaha) It's moments like these where I feel like being a mom and showing my boys all the wonders of the earth is totally worth it!

There are no words to describe how great this moment was! Pure joy!   

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