June 19, 2014

Rochester Trip Part III

Mr Medic and I finally joined each other again Saturday evening for dinner and guest speaker. He was glad to be done with the case study and presentation.
 It was fun to be together somewhere out of the ordinary and looking spiffy. I think this is the only picture we got of the two of us most of the weekend.
Sunday morning we left for home. During our long layover in Philly Mr Medic worked on the 3rd and final portion of the competition, his essay. This was our little hangout for the layover. 
And of course we couldn't pass through Philadelphia without getting a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. Granted this is just airport style, but it was still tasty.

We made it home safe and sound just in time to catch a little sleep and send Mr Medic off to work Monday morning. Then we just played the waiting game. I was really starting to doubt a scholarship increase once I knew others had already received offers. Come to find out Simon tried contacting Mr Medic while he was at work, but didn't leave details. We waited a day longer than everyone else, but were very happy with the increase in scholarship he received. Our trip to Rochester was well worth it, and I couldn't have asked for a better mini vacation.

We have felt so blessed all through this process and are excited to make it blog-official that we will be attending Simon Business school for an accelerated 2-year MBA (completed in one year) and then directly on to medical school at University of Rochester.

I'm positive if I were to look back on my thoughts and comments on our first year of applying to schools I would find a very frustrated and confused person. There were so many things we simply didn't understand. I know now we were meant to stay here for one more precious year, for so many reasons. I know now that we were meant to go to Rochester, a school that Mr Medic originally never looked at the first go around, a school that he was late for his interview (by no fault of his own), a school that offered him an incredible scholarship for his first year even though he thought he "bombed" the GMAT. All things considered, we shouldn't have made it, but we did. It is indeed God's will, and we are delighted to do it.

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