June 19, 2014

Rochester Trip Part II

Saturday morning Mr Medic woke up really early, took a cold shower (not by choice) and was out the  door in preparation for finishing touches to the case study and to present with his group.

I have to be honest, I thought he would be hosed since he was probably the only person who attended this particular scholarship competition that has had absolutely no prior business education. I was sure he was the underdog and therefore worried all weekend whether we wasted our time/money attending scholarship weekend with such a disadvantage.

I tried to forget about my anxiety and headed to the hotel gym for a run. I only include this because 1) I've never stayed in a hotel with a gym...hello awesome! and 2) I was in the middle of a healthy living challenge, so I was pretty proud I could keep up with my goals even when I ways traveling.)

After my workout, the Partners all hopped on the party bus...oh wait I didn't tell you?!? We rode around in style all weekend in this getup...

Fantastic, right? 
Simon Partners Group
We went to breakfast and then to the Memorial Art Gallery. I swear this entire trip was catered to me., and it was simply fabulous. Not sure about anyone else, but I absolutely loved the museum. It was so nice to quietly enjoy art without kids whining and no other commitments nagging at me. 

The following will be picture overload, so feel free to get bored...

There were no pictures allowed in this area, but I really enjoyed with the prints by Matisse. I was kicking myself for not getting into printmaking before my last semester. I will be doing it again...someday!

This installation was incredible! The wall was filled with random spools of sewing thread in many different colors all lined up. Doesn't really look like much with the naked eye, but if you stand on a dot on the floor and look through the glass orb "American Gothic" by Grant Wood is revealed. So cool! I love unconventional ideas utilizing unique materials. Now if only my brain could whip up something this cool.
What you see far away is the spools of thread on the wall

Close up of the glass orb

Again, there were no pictures allowed in this area, but I had to get a shot of my fellow potter, which ends up being Matisse's grandson.

A painting of a woman cutting onions and crying. Domesticity at it's finest.

Maybe it's just me, but I had no idea Georgia O'Keeffe painted anything other than her gorgeous floral/nature pieces. This particular piece was pretty cool because it had a painting on the back of it as shown below...

And what's a trip to an art museum in Rochester without a little Mormonism thrown into the mix? This bonnet inspired by the artists pioneer heritage had an interesting background story, one that I won't bother to share here :) The bonnet is made from corsage pins.

After the museum we went to lunch at The Gatehouse. You might be thinking to yourself, "wow, she spends a lot of time talking about food!" Well....that's because I was spoiled rotten and ate deliciously all weekend. In fact I ate better than Mr Medic did. His best meal (Saturday evening) was actually my "worst" Poor boy ;) 
I sampled some of this delicious salad with berries and edible flowers. Pretty yummy!
For my lunch, I again tried to pick something I would not normally try...hence The Fagan! It's a Turkey Burger with Brie, Granny Smith Apples and Cranberry Mustard Sauce.

Just in case you were wondering, those sweet potato fries were the best I have ever had. They were crunchy, slightly spicy, and drizzled with a little honey. To die for. 

If you were to ask anyone from Rochester what their famous dish is they would reply "The Garbage Plate" There are many different variations, but really they just take a bunch of crap and load it all on to one plate. I didn't eat any of this, but the partner who did said it was pretty good. The Gatehouse being a little more classy calls theirs "The Gate Plate"-half pound burger served on pasta salad, garlic rosemary fries, hot meat sauce, onion rings and cheese.

Here is a less "classy" version

Apparently as unappetizing as it looks, its a must try in Rochester. We'll see...

After lunch we had a quick tour of the perimeter of campus. It is very pretty. I really love the old brick buildings. 

Rochester is about the same in the winter, weather wise, as the Burg, but our campus definitely does not have underground tunnels connecting buildings like UofR does. That will be nice for Mr Medic.

With the end of the campus tour over we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and a guest speaker. 

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