June 19, 2014

Rochester Trip Part I

Oh boy!  Where do I even begin?!?

I know! With a big fat thank you to everyone who made it possible for Mr Medic and I to go to Rochester NY for his scholarship competition. (April 10-13th, 2014)

It was no small task lining up several different sitters for the boys, and definitely a lot to ask to care for 2 rambunctious little guys. You know who you are...you are AMAZING, and I love you for helping us out!
Mr Medic was accepted to University of Rochester School of Medicine and Simon Business School for the MD/MBA program. Did I not tell you he wants to do a dual program? And, that said program adds an entire year to his schooling?  Doesn't 5 years more of school, not including residency, sound simply delightful?!? 

Anyway, upon being accepted into the dual program, Simon advised him to hurry and take the GMAT (a matter of formality since he's already taken the MCAT) as they may offer him scholarship and the opportunity to compete for additional scholarships.  He whipped that puppy out in a week and did well enough to receive a scholarship AND an invite to scholarship weekend. 

We left our babies, and made the trek east. It was pretty fun getting to go with Mr Medic this time, rather than only getting to hear about his travels (he went to 5 different interview all over the country last fall...I was jealy) 
I realized that this trip was bringing us full circle. The last time we were in an airport together we were MISSIONARIES!  I had to take a picture in commemoration.

Upon arriving in Rochester I also had to stop dead in our tracks at the airport to get this gem.
He looks ecstatic, right?!
Thanks to our amazing friends and my former college roommate, who already live in Rochester, we had a place to stay since we arrived a day early. *how did we not take a picture together Jana?!?* We had a delicious dinner with Ty, Jana and girls, and stayed up too late talking about life and how great it would be if we ended up in Rochester with them. *we have since accepted the offer to Simon/UofR*

First thing Friday morning Jana and I were good girls and went to the YMCA and put in a decent little workout.  Then we spent the rest of the day looking at different housing options.  Did I mention what amazing friends we have?!?!?    

Eventually it was time for us to head to the hotel for check in and orientation for scholarship weekend. We were sad to say goodbye to our friends, but are excited at the possibility of getting to spend a year driving them crazy.

We were welcomed by the Simon Business School and sent right into orientation and a networking reception with hors d'oeuvres and drinks. 
Then, I was whisked away for a fun night out with the Simon Partners (those who accompanied the competition attendees as well as our hosts) while Mr Medic was put right to work on his competition.

**Side note: The competition was 1) A group project where they were given a case study and had to do a business strategy presentation. 2) Interviews with 3 people. 3) A 1 page written statement on what you will bring to the school etc.  

Our dinner destination was TRATA. The architecture and decor of the old armory was really neat, and the food was to die for.  I wanted to be gutsy and try things I would never think to get at home. (I also wasn't footing the bill, so that helped...THANK YOU SIMON!)
We all shared an array of appetizers.  I sampled some of each of the following:
  • Artichoke and roasted red pepper dip with handmade tortilla crisps
  • Tempura green beans with truffled aioli dipping sauce 
  • Duck Quesadillas- duck confet, gruyere cheese, sage mascarpone dried cranberries served with crème fraiche
The last was absolutely amazing and if we end up there I will definitely be eating those again!

My dinner was started with a Brussels sprout salad- poached and chilled leaves, tossed with tomato cherries, bacon, crispy truffled shallots, asiago lemon-vinaigrette.

It had some unique flavors, but I didn't eat much of it because I wanted to save room for my main course.

I may or may not have ordered the most expensive item on the menu. But I was saving money in the drink department, so I think it evened out with everyone else when all was said and done ;)

Dinner was Pan Seared Ahi Tuna topped with a blood orange chipotle salad, and basil mashed potatoes.

I usually don't like seafood, but the Ahi was cooked well and looked beautiful. I wasn't able to eat everything, which again, was fine since I am working on controlling my portions. 

When I got back to the hotel i vegged out watching the tube. Coincidentally got sucked into some "Jake and the Neverland Pirates"...whaaaaa??? No kids around and this is what I watch? Eventually I gave up on Mr Medic coming back to the room, but heard him come in around 1:30 or 2 am....just in time for our noisy neighbors to start partying. 

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