September 5, 2013

Safe...Or So I Thought

I was reminded of something that really set me off a while back.  

My family went to the movie theater about a month ago for the PTO summer movie program.  As the lights dimmed, we sat munching on buttery popcorn anticipating all the new movie trailers.  This was like any other trip we've made to the theater, until this trailer came on-

For a split second I was unable to register what had happened, but as my boggled mind caught up to itself I literally gasped and became very unsettled.  

Now you might think I'm about to go on a rampage about anti-gay marriage, but that's an entirely different discussion that will be left untouched for now.

What was so appalling was the fact that in an instant, we lost the ability to choose when and how we would talk to our son about the topic.  Twodles is 3 for heaven sake and it's downright repulsive that not even he is safe from such political propaganda.  His little mind need not be troubled or perplexed over such controversy.

You might be thinking "it was so subtle there's no way he'd remember that" but I beg to differ.  He, like most young minds grasp on to everything the moment it is placed before them.  I can't help but think this was exactly what the creators of this film intended.

We came to realize long ago that we cannot trust the media.  This lifestyle has been so forcefully thrown into almost every form of entertainment, that we simply don't watch/read/listen to much of anything anymore.

I know there will come a time when we will have to talk to our boys about such topics, but as parents we will be the ones to determine the appropriate time and place.  


  1. I cannot agree more. I can't even remember the last movie that we went to see. We don't even have cable, so no commercials for us. Mostly because we don't want to pay for cable but the reprieve from commercials is a great bonus. What I thought was interesting about this was that right before the preview it didn't say that the movie was approved for viewing by the general public or whatever it usually says but it said that it was approved to accompany that feature. So, it was intentionally paired with a movie aimed at an audience of young children (I'm making the assumption that you took your family to a child friendly film...)

    1. I'm guessing it didn't have that before the preview because it is a sneak peek preview and not an actual one. So I doubt it has been approved one way or another yet since the movie most likely isn't done yet (comes out sept. 2014).