May 2, 2013

Spiritual Giant

This picture represents one of my most rewarding mom moments of all time.  The picture itself has no significance other than the way my sweet Twodles looked when he said something that made me feel like all my efforts as a momma were worth it.  I don't ever want to forget!

I sat feeding Goob his usual breakfast fav, oatmeal while Twodles fed himself like a big boy.  Twodles is currently in the "why" or  "what does that mean" stage, which is actually really exciting to see his little brain connecting ideas and learning.

Today's Q&A session began with "what does aftermoon (afternoon) mean?"  I explained.

His next question was "when is church?"  I told him that it was on Sunday, in the afternoon.

He smiled.

Then I asked "do you like church?" He replied "yes!"

When I asked why he liked church I was expecting him to say something like "goldfish" which is the snack he has during sunday school, or some other 2-year-old appropriate response. Instead he blew me out of my seat.

"I like the you like the Spirit mommy?"

Immediately tears came streaming down my face (which you know sparked another question "are you sad mommy?" hahaha)  I couldn't believe that my little boy could say something so perfect, completely unscripted or memorized.

I took the time to tell him I had happy tears, and that I did in fact love the Spirit.

At some point something that Mr Medic and I have said or done has sunk into his tiny heart and he knows that at church we feel the Spirit.

I hope to always help him have opportunities at church and at home to feel the Spirit and remember that he likes it.



  1. what a sweet little guy! You ARE an incredible parent, so I am not surprized at all. Kids are so close to the spirit too. I wonder what my little guy would say if he had the words. Thanks for sharing:) Being a momma is the best!