May 2, 2013

Practice Makes...Better

I need a little pep talk cause I haven't exercised one lick this week.

Last week I went for a run in the wind, and of course, it stunk.  As soon as I made it to my running trail I was startled by some professional runner chic that came up behind me.  I almost had an accident, which I know is common for hardcore runners, but I had to control myself.  I'm not hardcore and don't have any excuse for peeing my pants like someone who was running a marathon might. 

My being startled was immediately overshadowed by the fact that pro runner chic was galloping gracefully along like a beautiful thoroughbred.  Her stride was incredible.  I couldn't even pretend that I was keeping pace with the horse girl.  She was long gone within seconds.  

As I watched her move farther and farther away and eventually disappear, I started to feel a little deflated.  But I kept running.  

To make the experience even more glorious, my music listening device was malfunctioning and stopped after only one song.  I knew I couldn't make it without my tunes so I fumbled around trying to get it to continue while still attached to my arm band and maintaining as much of a running speed as was possible.  I must not be good at multitasking because eventually I had to stop and get things situated.  I'm sure I lost a good 30 seconds, or more.  

By then my run was completely ruined.  I thought to myself "whatevs, I'm going home" which ironically was where my running route ended.

As I terminated the stopwatch expecting to be well over my usual time of 12 minutes and 30ish seconds, I was pleasantly surprised to see this:

With my little music mishap and the time it took to stop and correct, I am pretty confident that I ran that mile a whole minutes faster than I normally do!

I'm totally hardcore!  ;)  I've earned the right to pee my pants while running (joke)

Now if I can just get that thoroughbred out in front of me every morning.

One last success to help in my little pep talk.  Since I haven't seen a change in numbers on the scale I decided to do some measuring.  In about a months time here are the changes:

Neck-      .5" decrease
R Arm-     1" decrease
L Arm-    .5" decrease
R Thigh-  1.25" decrease
L Thigh-  .5" decrease
R Calf-    .5" increase
L Calf-    .25" increase

My goal is to see some change in the waist and hip next.  The baby fat has received it's official eviction notice.



  1. Haha! The thoroughbred probably turned the first corner and collapsed. She was probably just being a show off. For realz! Good job on your running! You rock!

  2. Remind me to tell you a funny story or two;)