April 18, 2013

Who's Counting Anyway?

Three days ago I was reunited with two long lost friends...the digital food scale, and MyPlate-calorie tracker.
If I'm in the business to lose weight it has to be done, but it's just so hard while I'm still nursing.  I can eat a meal and literally feel like my stomach is completely empty 30 minutes later.

I wouldn't say that I am on the tracking train yet, but I have wanted to see how much I'm consuming, and try to work my way down to 1800 calories. (good for nursing)  I will get there eventually, and will then work my way down to 1200/cal after I'm done nursing.

I'm pretty hungry, which is normal when decreasing calories and increasing physical activity.  I just have to remind myself not to play the "I can eat whatever I want, I'm nursing" card, which is a lot like the "I can eat whatever I want, I'm pregnant" card.

I made some forms to keep close at all times that will help me track what I am eating.  They even fit in a purse or wallet for eating out.  They are based off the forms used at the college for the weight loss program I did in 2011.  I got them laminated so I can use a marker to check things off throughout the day.
The front has how many servings you get of each food group.
The back has the serving sizes and  other suggestions
With all this effort, if I haven't lost 10 lbs come Monday when I step on the scale, I QUIT!  ;)

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  1. You are one determined girl! You can do it!