May 23, 2013

Prosperity and Progress

Scripture of the Day:  "Therefore as they were unfaithful they did not prosper nor progress in their journey, but were driven back, and incurred the displeasure of God upon them; and therefore they were smitten with famine and sore afflictions, to stir them up in remembrance of their duty."  -Mosiah 1:17, The Book of Mormon

*Note: bolded words refer back to verse 

Each of us is on our own journey toward some goal or aspiration.  Our journey may include finishing school, seeking a career path, having a family, losing weight, overcoming illness, mastering a new skill, overcoming bad habits, completing a project, etc.

Occasionally on our journey we are driven back, smitten with famine and sore afflictions and it's easy to feel like an outside source is the cause of these setbacks.  This may sometimes be the case, as we cannot control others or take away their agency in acting how they wish.  But might I suggest from this verse, that more often than not, we are our own stumbling block to obtaining our goals.

Our journey in obtaining goals is easily thwarted when we lose faith- faith in ourselves, faith in God, faith in others, etc.  Loss of faith prevents progress or prospering.

There is a reason for being driven back.  Personally I believe it gives us opportunity to take ownership of our situation and make changes that will allow us to begin to progress again, in other words, it helps us to remember our duty.  Are we doing our part?  Are we doing all that is in our power to achieve the results we want.

Being driven back and experiencing trials or being smitten with famine and sore afflictions also requires humility.  We cannot accomplish anything without the help of Christ, therefore we must have faith in Him.  Only then are we able to do all things.  It is so easy to become prideful, relying on our own knowledge, strength, and abilities and forget in whom we must trust.

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