May 29, 2013

Fashion Police for Romance Sake

Mr Medic is so lucky to have me to keep an eye out for him!

I have saved him from several fashion emergencies in five years of marriage.

I appreciate that he is thrifty and wants to wear something into the ground before throwing it out, but occasionally the phrase "out with the old, and in with the new" just has to be enforced.  You can all thank me for a job well done.

Here are just a two upgrades:

There are no words for the ones on the left.  May they rest in peace!
Hooray for new Chaco's on a fantastic deal
The ones on the right are the new, just in case you couldn't tell.  You better believe
he got compliments the very day he sported those new-to-him kicks!
You can call me vain, petty, or what you will.  I get it...they are just a couple pair of shoes.  Why should I care what he puts on his tootsies?

I'll tell you why I care.

I believe that if you aren't what your spouse wants to look at, they are sure to find it elsewhere.  The world is full of things that will fight for your spouses attention, and will win if we (couples) don't do our part to keep up the romance.  General attraction, along with many other things, is part of that least in my mind.

I think it is important to say/do/wear things that we know make our partner attracted to us.

Some may argue that you should love your spouse just the way they are, or that they shouldn't have to change for you to be attracted to them.  I do not agree.

If Mr Medic were to tell me that he loves when I wear the color red, you better believe I'm gonna make it a point to wear it often, even if it is not my top choice.

If it's not an absolute no, as in he's not asking me to wear a muumuu or some other ridiculous request, why wouldn't I do what I could to show him I care about his likes and want to be attractive for him?

I must admit, it has taken some time for Mr Medic to warm up to my wardrobe requests.  In fact he was quite obstinate at first. I wish I had tried communicating the "why" behind my suggestions sooner.  I'm not sure how it even came to me or when, but I finally took the time to explain to him why I suggested different clothes or accessories.  Simply put, certain styles, colors, cuts, etc appeal to me more than others.  Combine those things that appeal to me with the man that I love and I go koo-koo for cocoa puffs (aka Mr Medic)

Ladies, you know what I'm talking about.  You know your husband has that one shirt you love him to wear...right?  Whether it be because it emphasizes his gorgeous blue eyes, or it reminds you of that incredible first date you went on together, there is a reason you love it.  And I bet he doesn't mind wearing it just because he knows you love it!

That doesn't seem so ridiculous now does it?

What about when you wear your "sunday best" to church.  Why is that?  Is it because you want to show the Lord that He is important to you?  Or maybe because it sets that worship experience apart from other experiences in life.

I say, why not give our partners our "I-want-to-be-attractive-to-you best" too?  It shows we are important to each other, and that we want our continued courtship to be set apart or better than anything else there is to offer.  I am not suggesting that we must always be 100% presentable and in tip-top condish, or that there is no place for the workout wear, jam-jams, or get-the-work-done-grubbies, but that we just do what we can to look smokin' hot for the person we want to spend the rest of forever with.

It's ok to want to look good to the one you love, and to want them to look good to you.

I hope I'm not alone in this.

Without getting personally graphic or embarrassing, what does your partner do/say/wear that makes them more attractive to you?  

Here's one of mine that isn't appearance related, just so you have a little evidence that I'm not completely superficial:

I am completely and utterly attracted to Mr Medic being a daddy.  I love watching him be with my boys- having fun with them, teaching them, caring for them, whatever.  I just want to grab that guy and kiss his face when I witness that.

Top L to R: Getting ready for bath time, reading a story, "holding" Goob
Bottom L to R: "nap" time, train ride with Twodles, going on a walk

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  1. Love this post, Chandee! I agree on so many levels. Qdawg has literally had the much of same wardrobe since 8th grade, and some treasured shirts go back as far as 3rd. (Not that he has been eternally the same size...he just wore HUGE clothes as a kid). So yes..out with the old, in the the new is a great little motto ;)
    I agree about the "Daddy Hat" being most attractive. Couple that with a newish shirt and clean hair, and he is looking mighty fine.
    I think looking your best for your man is important. But I am lucky because sometimes he'll say "You know you really don't need to wear make up", or "I love those sweats on you" Ha ha! Good thing thats all I basically wear anyway!
    I also think it is important to look our best for the Lord..whether at church or at the temple. You just act different when you have taken the time to put thought into your appearance. It incfluences the way you see yourself and, I believe, the degree to which the Spirit is with you.