April 18, 2013

A Runners Life For Me

Here's how it went down today:
  • 10am and I still haven't had breakfast, so I'm running on a mostly empty stomach (I know, not wise) I did eat a few dried cranberries and some almonds.  I don't particularly feel like making 'art' along the trail for others to admire from upchucking a last minute meal.
  • I won't make the same rookie mistake again of having cold fingers, so I put on gloves.  They are so huge I may as well be wearing Mike Tyson boxing gloves.
Don't be jealous of these bad boys
  • I swear I see more feces along the bike trail than I do in a week from the two still in diapers.
  • Maybe I'm on runners crack (aka inhaler) but I know I feel less jiggle than I did a couple weeks a go.
  • Rock chucks are freaky little creatures, almost as terrifying as squirrels. (I see at least 6, no lie)
  • Katie Perry's 'Firework'.....WHA..????? I thought I deleted that from my running playlist.  It's got to go!  
  • I'm choking on my spit, so naturally I prepare to expel it from my mouth, but as hard as I try to project that puppy outward, it makes a u-turn right back at me! That takes talent.
Guaranteed I'm the laughing stock of the running gods, but whatevs.  Better to be mocked 'admired' by the running gods than the fat gods, I guess.

Despite all my 'fun' I push myself farther than I did last time.
1.6 miles...please tell me this is excellent time!

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