April 7, 2013

Late Night Insight

Mr Medic and I have talked about it many times before, but tonight I know without hesitation that we will be growing our family through adoption!

We have felt after a repeat difficult delivery that it will be my body that determines the number of children we bring into this world biologically.  My fear is that it won't be as many as my heart wants.

Having this confirmation of adoption makes me feel so relieved and hopeful!  I would love to bring as many little spirits into this world as possible, but it is so good to be reminded that there are many little spirits already here waiting for a forever home.

I'm sure adoption won't come for quite some time, but for now I have peace of mind knowing that day will come eventually.

I would love to hear some experiences about adoption, whether it be yourself or someone you know. 


  1. oh chandee, i admire you so much!!! i share your desire and feel it a calling to have as many children as my body will allow. I just greatly admire all women who do that. I've had close friends and family who've tried adopting and honestly, I've heard one consistant statement from all of them: adopting through the church's program is harder than adopting through other programs. The demand is more and there aren't enough kids or something, so it takes forever. Also, my family/friends are all very traditional, wholesome, worthy people but have said that the church is really picky who they let adopt. They felt scrutinized and they're some of the best people i know! so who knows. They ended up going through a different adoption agency after years of waiting for the church to help. They had immediate success with the alternative agency.

  2. We've been considering it as well! My mom adopted my brother from an individual because she couldn't meet the many requirements of LDS family services and has suggested that I skip LDSFS as well. But I'm excited to see your journey and hopefully we can share stories with each other!