April 8, 2013

A Day in the Life...

I wake up and immediately put on my workout clothes, with intentions of shredding (Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred) as soon as Goob goes down for his morning nap.  I'd like to think the capris are getting baggy because I am losing weight, but I think they just need washed and will fit snug again.  Drat!

I send Mr Medic off to school without making breakfast or packing a lunch like a "good wife" might, and immediately go to work finding my friend a ride to her dr apt and calling girls from my church congregation who are expecting babies or are are moving to find out what help they need.

This span of semi-unsupervised time allows for Twodles and Goob to pull out every.single.toy which  creates an olympic size "obstacle course" (aka mess) for me to dance through when I go from one room to the next.  I do pretty well dodging most toys, but occasionally step on the dreaded army guy land mine.  Thank goodness we don't own any legos...yet.

The dishes are piled a mile high from last nights meal, both boys are still in jammies, and before I know it, it's 1pm and I haven't even had breakfast.

I pour myself a bowl of Cinnamon Toasters and shovel spoonful after spoonful into my mouth like I've been fasting for days.  I give Twodles a couple choices for his lunch, but of course he wants cereal too. I explain that he already had cereal and we only eat that for breakfast (while ravenously devouring cereal myself) and try to convince him he wants something different.  Finally, I determine that I can't tell him cereal is only for breakfast while I'm clearly eating it for "lunch" Defeat...the boy gets another bowl of cereal.  Goob on the other hand eats what I make...sort of.

I clean the boys up (still in jammies) and get them off to naps.

Now it's game time!  I still haven't done my workout and I've got to get everything back in its place prior to Mr Medic getting home from school for his one hour break before work.  At least I can make it appear as if I've been productive.  But wait...I feel like I have been productive!  It doesn't look like it, but I know I have been busy all day.

Just my luck, he comes walking through the door before I can even lift a finger.  I immediately give him a look of death that says "why are you coming home before I have everything put back together?" as if its his fault.  He doesn't say a word, but I quickly find myself getting steamy and defensive while trying to explain myself.  I rattle off everything I have done hoping he will overlook what I haven't done.  I tell him I sure hope no one comes knocking on our door this very second, because it will appear as if I've done nothing.

Like the amazing man he is, rather than look at me like I am lazy crazy, he simply helps me shift my perspective.  "That crock pot sitting on the counter means you fed your family and provided a meal for someone who's wife is out of town.  Same with the dishes.  And the boys are in their jammies because you are super proactive...they are ready for bed early!  Who cares what anyone else thinks."

What a stud.

We have a good laugh and enjoy a quick lunch together (yes my second meal within an hour of each other) and as soon as he leaves I totally shred it up and indulge in a nice warm shower.

I take advantage of a little more quiet time and get the dishes done.

Everything is in order once more!

When the boys wake I don't bother dressing them, but have fun being their mom.

I make them some food for dinner, then we do the usual bedtime routine.

The boys are in bed a little early so I wait for Mr Medic to come home to me.  We talk about our day and finally decide on something to make for dinner at 9:30.

I kiss him goodnight and ask him if he remembered to brush his teeth (he usually never forgets, but I think our late dinner together threw him off) He doesn't feel like it, but heads toward the bathroom anyway.  All the while I'm chanting "don't do it...don't dooooo it!" Makes him seem more human if he forgets one time, or better yet is reminded and chooses to fall into a deep coma sleep without brushing.

He asks me if I'm coming to bed with him, and immediately I think of a talk given not even a few days ago about chastity and marriage and how husband and wife should go to bed together.  Even so, I decide against it and get some more work done for my church responsibilities (and let's be honest, some leisure facebooking, blogging, and amazon-mom deal finding)

What I've learned from recounting my day:

-Goals can help you do things you didn't think you could do, but sometimes need to be adjusted to fit
your life and be sure you are doing what is most important at the time.
-Wearing workout clothes all day in hopes it will motivate you to exercise doesn't always work, but this day it did!
-Eating for the first time at 1 pm is probably not the best way to help rid your body of excess fat.
-My kids are still fine even though they were in their jammies all day, and ate cereal for two meals in one day.
-I should listen to Mr Medic more often.  He's a pretty smart cookie
-Helping other people always makes me feel better, no matter what is going on around me
-Today I'm not really feeling down on myself for what I didn't do, but more-so worried about how I appear to others.  If my performance is "graded" solely on what others observe, then I'm in big trouble.  I say, heck with that!  I'll be the judge of my own success or failure.  I know when I've done enough or when I've given it my all.  And I also know when I haven't.

I choose to see today as a success.

*sorry, no pictures!


  1. You are amazing Chandee! This post made my night because the same things are happening at my house. Thomas gets home and I rattle off excuses why I didn't do much, and he is also sweet like Nick and points out all the things I did. Exercising still hasn't happened, because the minute I try David wakes up, or kids start fighting...someday? LOL

  2. Chandee you are an amazing woman and mother. I think a good group of woman have gone through this exact thing. I know I have over the last few months. When Vincent came back for 2 weeks in March I totally felt like I had somewhat failed because the house wasn't perfect. He gave me ideas of how to make my life a bit easier and I got defensive. But the whole time and even now he is positive and tells me how proud he is of me. What it comes down to is that it isn't what other people think, but what you and Nick know to be true.