April 15, 2013

Rookie Mistakes & Beginners Luck

I started back to the gym on campus way too late, and now I'm regretting it.  I was able to go back a few times before Mr Medic graduated and it was completely invigorating.  That specific place is where I gained my willpower 2 years ago.  I participated in a weight loss program through the college and it changed my life.  I triumphed over physical and mental limits I thought I could never overcome, so naturally stepping through those doors brought back a lot of wonderful memories.

One particular experience was when my team did a stationary cycling challenge.  We were to see how far we could bike in just 30 minutes.  Not only were the seats almost unbearably uncomfortable, but I had never really cycled before.  I spun and spun, never stopping, but several times my eyes welled with tears because I felt like I was going to die.  I was in so much physical pain I felt like I could never make it 30 minutes.  With the help of enthusiastic teammates and my own pride, I did it.  (P.S. I don't ever want to participate in a cycling class again!)

I didn't want to let go of my special place even though I knew I had to since soon neither of us would be students.  The rebel in me asked if my ID would work once Mr Medic graduated, and they assumed that it might for a while.  Rather than be thoroughly embarrassed trying and get turned away like a criminal, I decided to go for a run OUTSIDE!

The last time I ran outside was years ago.  I decided the same night of a 5K that I would run it, without previous training. (Don't laugh, I need training for even that short of a distance)

Todays run was like a double edge sword.  I made a lot of mistakes that I will hopefully learn from, and there was definitely some greatness that came from it too!


- While the rest of me was ok temperature wise, my hands were pretty cold
- Exercise induced asthma is way worse in the cold (I forgot since the gym isn't usually cold)
- I need more music
- Running against the wind slows my pace considerably...I may as well have been walking!
- I wish my ipod was an iphone so I didn't have to also carry a phone for safety.  There's nowhere to put that thing except in the bra (sorry TMI)


- Despite all the setbacks, I ran that mile faster than I ever do on the track.  I think it's quite nice to have something up ahead that you can tell yourself "I can totally go to that point!" Then as you near that goal, you can look ahead and say "I can make it there too!"
My PR for the mile!  hahaha
And there's nothing like a good ol' cool down stretch

I hope to make running outdoors more of a habit.  Plus there's no gym membership required.  Who can argue with $FREE.99?

Although I do not ever intend on becoming a running pro I would like any tips on making things go a little smoother, so please share.  Thank you much!


  1. Hey, that isn't the last time you ran outside! Don't you remember when you, Bre, and I ran outside for about three days in a row when we lived in Snowveiw??

    1. I actually did another 5k (I think it was 2011) which is the last time I am referring to. But yes, how could I forget our random streaks of exercise! Still have those DVD's too!

  2. I love running outside the best! When I haven't gone for a while or am trying to improve my speed or distance I do interval training. So I switch off between running and walking. It helps you to not get tired or discouraged as fast.

  3. I am glad you caught the outside running bug! If you ever want a running partner, give me a buzz!!

  4. Dude! I have to train to run a 5K too. :) I hate running and so admire all those that do it on a regular basis. There are only a few things worse/harder than running to me. :) In your picture your don't look like you have much to lose, your face and arms look skinny.

  5. hmmm...you may have inspired me to go running today...