March 20, 2013

Keeping Track of the Little Things

Things I love.....
  • Twodles calling out "Goooooooob" in excitement when his brother wakes up from a nap, and seeing Goob smile from ear to ear and flap his arms up and down, the giddiness consuming his little body.
  • Once Goob is swaddled for the night and I walk him to his bedroom, he stares wide eyed down the hall till his daddy makes eye contact and smiles from ear to ear.
  • Twodles commenting on my sense of style.  So far I've heard in regards to my hair "mom, yer bue-ful!" "awkward....yer shoes are swkward"  "mom,  coo socks"  "yer pants are coo mom"  
  • Twodles wanting his "boots" (shoes) on as soon as he wakes up, so he can be just like Woody.  
  • Twodles hiding for the first time under his covers without making a peep or moving an inch on 11/25/12
  • When Twodles sees letters he says "Numers an J"  (numbers and J) 
  • Goob cried out for me, looking at me with those sad puppydog eyes for the first time on 11/5/12
  • Twodles saying Daddy is his friend but Mommy isn't because she is a girl on 10/12/12
  • Whenever I go to get Goob up from naps Twodles runs to a corner and hides for Goob to find him.  They both love finding each other!
  • When I sing in the car Twodles always asks "mom you singin?"
  • Every morning as soon as the shower shuts off Twodles flings the bathroom door open and says "you done dad?"
  • The super cool bike we got Twodles is not a bike its a "more-cycle" (like Ted from 'The Lorax')
  • Twodles loves adults. He even knows which wife belongs to which husband
  • Seeing the similarities between Twodles and Goob, and also their differences
  • Good and Twodles absolutely love to play with daddy when he has the time
  • Twodles is interacting with Blue's Clue's and Sesame Street.  When they tell him to do something he does it
  • Goob gettings excited whenever the fridge is opened

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