October 3, 2012

Lady Bug 101

We caught a ladybug in a jar in hopes that Twodles won't get so freaked by them.  

 Here he is inspecting it:

I took the lid off a couple times, and at first couldn't help but scare him a little.  Eventually, once I was able to refrain from freaking him out, I had the lady bug crawl on my finger while Twodles watched in awe.  He seemed ok with it, just so long as he didn't have to get too close or touch it.  

We talked about how a lady bug is an insect, that insects have 6 legs and Twodles only has 2, and that they are red with black spots.  

It truly was fun to see his little mind explore something new. And, if nothing else it killed some time and distracted him from the ever increasing daily tantrums.  

1 comment:

  1. too bad your baby isnt a girl- that would make an awesome halloween costume-lady bug & bug catcher. (and cure him of his fright)