September 27, 2012

Will the real Mr Medic Please Stand Up

Maybe I'm the only wife that gets excited when I can actually help Mr Medic with something other than the typical June Cleaver thing-having food on the table, or a clean and tidy home.  I always beg for something to do, usually with no result.  Its not like I can help him with his homework.  First of all his classes are way over my head, and secondly that's just kind of weird.

I think my need to "do something" for him stems from me always asking for his help.  Whether it's help with the kids when he really should be doing homework, getting things ready for a get together I've planned, or even getting the hair off my back after I brush it (I'm still in the shedding-like-crazy-I-just-had-a-baby phase)

Basically I want to feel like we are both giving and taking on an equal level.

Well yesterday was my lucky day.  I got TWO requests!  I can't remember the last time I was able to fulfill a need of his, so this was a special treat.

First, he called needing me to find out some information to put on his med school applications, and then when he got home we had a little fun taking some pictures to attach.

I don't have the luxury of photoshop to make me look better than I really am, so we do it old school style around here which usually consists of Mr Medic taking thousands of pictures of the exact same thing so I can get one that is juuuuusst right.

It was pretty hilarious having the tables turned this time.  I pointed out that now he should understand why I take so many pictures of the same thing-when its important you want it just right.  He remarked that yes, it is necessary...when its important!  He must not understand that its SUPER important that all my blog/FB peeps see me in tiptop condish! (I'm only mostly joking about how important looking fab is)

So here's a couple from our photo shoot:

We lovingly name this: Photos By Deb*.  We were dying laughing.
Uncle Rico's got some pretty good competition.

I know it may seem silly, but it was actually really fun, and something I will never forget.  I keep staring at these and it makes me so happy.  This is the Mr Medic I know, but not a lot of people get to see.  I feel like he is so busy all of the time that it's hard for him to enjoy time hanging out and relaxing with others.  These pictures represent only one of the many reasons I married this kid.  I love to laugh, and he sure make me laugh, a lot.  

*As much as we would have loved to use one of the others, we went with the center one for the applications.  Wish that baby face luck!  

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  1. Wow! I knew he did before, but looking at these pictures... wow. Jack looks SO much like your husband! Great job! I think the center one was a good choice. :)