September 16, 2012

Sticky Surfaces = Happy Heart

Have you ever felt like your life would never be the same once you had kids?'re right!

I remember when Twodles was hitting all those little milestones in development, it was fun and exciting but there were also moments when I was a touch annoyed about the change it brought to our lives. Don't get me wrong, those times were very few and far between, but if you've had a child you can identify with the blockades all over the house to keep kiddies out of the untouchables, stained couches, stinky diapers permeating through the house right when someone stops in unexpectedly, sticky surfaces, clothes soaking in the bathroom sink to remove blowout stains, and so much more.  I sometimes felt like our orderly home that once had "nice" things was long gone.

I've come to realize that the little evidences of children living in our home are so sweet and precious.

Battle zone

Twodles clean-up job

Making messes while mommy is busy

Dino's need to be refrigerated, didn't you know!

Very first hand picked flower for mom!  

I am learning to find joy in those things that at times have rubbed me the wrong way, or cause me to lose my patience.  Stained clothes soaking in the sink mean that my baby is getting much needed nutrients and his body is functioning properly, or that Twodles actually ate and enjoyed his lunch.  Sticky surfaces indicate that Twodles has been a good boy and was rewarded with a tasty sucker, or that we have been playing with play-dough or blowing bubbles.  The blockades show that I care about my boys safety and want to protect them from harm.

I just love the little things that catch my attention every once in a while to remind me just how lucky we are to have our boys in our lives!  I am so glad to be a mom and to see each of them change our lives for the better.  Its not the things that matter-the clean smooth surfaces, or pristine living quarters- its the people...and I LOVE MY PEOPLE!  

What are some little things you have noticed that help you to appreciate life just a little more?  


  1. I know this sounds funny. But I like that we don't own anything nice and I hope we never do. :) I like that just about everything as a ding or a scratch or a drip of paint on it. I don't encourage it (in fact I try to teach our kids that they should respect our things) but they are nice little reminders that we have a house full of happy little people. Sometimes I like to think that when we are older we can have nice things but I think that will just limit the freedom my grandkids will feel in our home. So I hope to have a happy balance between trying to have a nice looking home and not sweating the things that make it look loved in. By the by, I like this post. I like that you like being a Mommy! :)

  2. Oh the joys of being a mommy! All of those sticky surfaces and stinky diapers are so worth it. I love all the cute pictures in this post. Nice job! :) Love, Momma B