November 25, 2013

The Results Are In

Before I share with each of you the results of my weight loss goals, you must first enjoy this. It just so happens to be Twodles latest YouTube request, which is also very fitting for this post :)

On August 12th, 2013 I finally decided to get serious about losing baby weight. I'd tried earlier in the year, but because I was still nursing Goob, I had zero success.

Here are my stats from my first weigh in and body measurements:

144.2 lbs.                                         

Neck: 14"
Chest: 38"
Waist :33"
Hip: 40"
R. Arm: 13.5"
L. Arm: 13"
R. Thigh: 23"
L. Thigh: 22.5"
R. Calf: 13"
L. Calf: 13"

And after:

124.8 lbs.

Neck: 13"
Chest: 35.25"
Waist : 31"
Hip: 37"
R. Arm: 11.5"
L. Arm: 11.5"
R. Thigh: 20"
L. Thigh: 20.5"
R. Calf: 12.5"
L. Calf: 12.5"

In 15 weeks I've lost 20 lbs. My goal was to lose 2lbs a week, and most weeks I did.  The weeks that I didn't lose wasn't because I didn't try. I never worked out less than 5 days a week (sometimes 6 days a week, and even 2x per day) I did really well with portion control, and not eating as much sweets. It seems like I'm trying to excuse my occasional failure, but in all honesty, I did everything I said I would.  Let's just say being a woman is obnoxious!  No matter how hard you try, sometimes you just can't fight mother nature!   

I must thank so many people for keeping me motivated...

My sweet husband who knew it was important to me and therefore made it important to him.  My mom, who complimented and encouraged me all along the way, and even watched my boys so I could work out.  My awesome friends, who inspired me to get going again, after seeing their weight loss journeys.  And so many more!  I love you all, and couldn't have done it without you...THANK YOU! 

I'm feeling great about where I am at (124lbs being my realistic goal) I will still continue to work hard to see if I can make it to my target weight of 120 lbs. It may never be mom pooch loves me too much, but I will try.

What I need from all you lovely people is your best tips on those problem areas.  No matter how much weight I lose, I always have love handles and a baby gut.

What tried and true exercises really work?

I really like Jillian Michael's 6 week 6 pack, but it's pretty tough. I don't think I can do that AND run every day.  I fear that if I don't keep running, I will quit all together.

So what say you smart, intelligent, people?  What's a girl to do?!?!?


  1. WOW! You are so awesome! I am so happy for you, and your determination! You should seriously check out You can search for specific workouts (low impact, ab, cardio....) and they have some SUPER, and I mean SUUUUUPER intense workouts. (HIIT) I can't really run very often where we live, but doing these everyday, I don't really miss it! Also, one thing that has really helped me lately is to incorporate more pilates and yoga style strength training (also on fitnessblender). having to breath controlled, and do the motion SLOWLY totally makes any ab workout WAY harder. Just a thought. Anyway, you are awesome! Keep it up!!

    1. Thanks friend! I will definitely check that site out. Thanks for the tips. Miss you :)

  2. Wow. for real, did this happen?? I am SO impressed and SO jealous! you look amazing!!!! dang girl, 125 pounds???? how tall are you? that's like crazy tiny!!

    okay so you've got the losing weight thing down. as far as the toning your stomach……my magic go-to exercises are Windsor Pilates. Pilates is how we always trained for dance during my college days. I was skinny like you were here so I didn't think I had weight/inches to lose, but I did the Windsor Pilates Accelerated workout DVD every day (it's an hour long) and by the 3rd month my pants were baggy. I got so ripped! I was so surprised. I still do pilates after the kids go to bed. It's a workout but calming at the same time. give it a try. I hope you'll love it and it will work for you!

    1. Oh Bethany! You have no idea how seeing your name pop up brightened my day! I am 5' 2" so around 120-125 is my goal. I'll be lucky if I can make it through the holidays :) You are the second person to recommend Pilates so I better look into it. Thanks girl! Love ya

  3. also, ariel is right, and I was going to mention the same thing. Breathing, proper technique, and really taking the time to really *do* each movement is where the magic happens. It's in the transitions. The thing I love about Pilates is that you don't just put your legs up, do the exercise, and then put your legs down. The transitions between exercises are a workout in and of themselves. You have to hold positions and engage your muscles throughout all of it, every step. It feels wonderful cause you feel lengthened and stronger and leaner. does that make sense?