March 18, 2013

#1 Mom

#1 Mom Moment A- The other night I just didn't feel like making anything for dinner, especially since Twodles has gotten into a picky stage.  I remembered that I had bought a can of Spaghetti-O's and decided to crack that sucka' open.  As I was twisting the can opener watching the tin tear open, I felt a slight twinge of guilt.  I mean I had never eaten them as a child, but yet I was willingly slopping it into a bowl for both boys.  The slight guilt quickly vanished as I set the bowl in front of Twodles.  At first he seemed really interested, and even a little excited.  I felt like I had triumphed over the dinner table drama and went about doing other dinner prep.  All of a sudden I hear "I fink I don like this, is grooooosssss, trus me.  I fink I wan peaches."  I told him once "you can have peaches after you finish your dinner" and was about to tell him again, but the guilt smacked me right in the face, this time full force.  I thought to myself how silly it was of me to ask him to eat the nasty canned, processed food first and then the peaches, when in reality the peaches were probably much better for the poor boy.

It doesn't look that bad, right?!?!
#1 Mom Moment B- For a while I'd been doing the lazy busy-mom style of making baby food for Goob.  I had an open can of pure pumpkin from holiday baking that didn't get used and wondered what to do with the leftovers.  I decided to see if Goob would eat it, and to my surprise he did.  In fact he really loved it.  I was occasionally purchasing yams, nuking them (probably killing any sort of nutrition by doing that) then pureeing them in the blender.  I finally got my act together, and with the help of some lovely girls from church we got all stocked up on delicious homemade baby food.

Delicious and nutritious home-made baby food
Goob seemed to enjoy that for about .2 seconds, and then would have nothing to do with it.  He decided he wanted real food, the stuff that everyone else enjoys.  I can't even believe what this kid will eat.  I'm not sure if this happens to every mom after their first child, but my "first time mom paranoia" parenting style has turned into an "I don't have time to worry about every little thing" parenting style.  Because of this I have decided that it is not worth it to be so concerned with what "they" tell me my baby should be eating as much as I did with Twodles.  If it's small enough, and isn't seriously high up on the possible allergen list, its fair game.  Having said that, here's one of my oh so wonderful lunch choices for Goob:
That's right folks, it's a good ol' American HOT DOG!
We eat high class around here, can't you tell? I just keep telling myself "to everything there is a season" or "this too shall pass" Someday I will be able to place something delicious and nutritious in front my boys and have them enjoy it.

#1 Mom Moment C-  That time when you allow your baby to attempt eating a stuck on Coco Puff wannabe from his brothers breakfast from who knows when, just because its pretty darn funny!

You know its time to sweep and mop when...
#1 Mom means something different to everyone.  Right now for me and mine that simply means no one is dead and we're all relatively happy, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that!

And as my reward for being such an awesome mom....

I finally experienced the joy of going to the bathroom "alone" and what a treat!  Through the barricade separating me from my adorably needy children, I was graced with a chorus of Goobs tiny feet pounding like a beating drum against the door and Twodles chanting in unison "lemme in moooooommmmm!"  Even still I quite enjoyed the moment to myself.  I might indulge more often, so long as all the sharp objects and other potentially hazardous items (which can really be just about anything) are stowed out of toddler and crawling-baby reach.

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  1. Nuking you veggies will actually preserve the vitamins and minerals in them,because heat and water in cooking is what degrades the vitamin content. So cooking them quickly in the microwave is actually totally ok.