December 5, 2012

It's My Party & I'll....

I have spent 5 birthdays with Mr Medic and several years of other holidays.  Without going into too much detail (I'm sure it's a yawn anyway) I finally decided that I would let Mr Medic know exactly what I wanted to do for my birthday rather than expect him to use his X-Man power to read my mind.  In past years the X-Man thing just hasn't paid off, and I've been disappointed.  The poor guy does try hard, but we just aren't on the same waive length.  I'm a partier, the more the merrier, and he would much rather spend some quality family or one on one time.  (I'm kinda speaking for him, so I hope I'm right!)

What I wanted was a party!  I've tried to pitch the idea before on my Friday the 13th birthday with not much enthusiasm. (Doesn't anyone else think a Zombie party would have been super fun?)  

Anyway, late one night while feeding Goob (new name for #2 that is actually sticking) I had this brilliant idea for a party. Each month of the year has different national celebrations.  You know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Get the idea?  So I started looking up different celebrations for the best month of the year...NOVEMBER!  

I gave Mr Medic the shpeel, and even though he gave me the usual "I'm not following you" look, he consented to helping me achieve my wildest birthday dreams, even though it's not his cup of tea.  I am so glad he was willing to do what I wanted for my birthday, but I have to be honest in the end I did feel a little guilty asking him to do something he wasn't fond of just so I could have a fun time. 

Even though there were moments of stress, we I had a good time, and we learned some important lessons on working together and communication.  We'll see if we try anything like this again any time soon!  

The decorations went along with November being Aviation History Month

Folding Paper Airplanes

Flying Paper Airplanes

Instead of gifts each person brought a food item and filled our carry on bag to donate to the Family Crisis Center for National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Month

Bubble Gum Blowing Contests for TMJ Awareness month

Reese's Ice Cream Cake for Peanut Butter Lovers Month

DDR just because it's fun

We put together New Mother Packets for the local hospital in honor of 
Family Caregivers Awareness Month

Notice the garland in the background...all thanks to Mr Medic for folding tons and tons of airplanes 

And a party just isn't complete without a photo booth to celebrate MO-VEMBER




  1. Thanks for posting this. Looks like you had a blast and did some good, too. Two things I love about you. You are fun and giving. Happy Birthday! I wish I was there...

  2. Such a fun Paaartay! AND a great idea! I might steal it in the future..except I just noticed that August is national psoriasis, immunization and muscular atrophy month...might be kinda hard to celebrate ;)..oh and it's national romance month..that's better :) Great pictures!

  3. I wish I could have been there! That is one of the best Birthday party ideas I have ever heard. When I got to Bree's pic with her adorable baby I started laughing. Her facial expression is hilarious. Looks like it was awesome, yay!