December 20, 2012

In the World, But Not of the World

When tragedy occurs it causes many different reactions.  Some evaluate their lives, see the blessings they have, and find hope through their religious knowledge.  Others are moved to fear and uncertainty. Each person 'grieves' in their own way trying to make sense of horrible events, but I hope that more people choose to search for peace and comfort.

It is a scary what happened in CT, something that we all wish didn't occur.  But, God allows bad things to happen good people, and it's often hard to understand why.  As I have come to know through study of the scriptures, sometimes terrible things are 'allowed' to happen to bring about Gods will.  I believe all those who lost their lives that Friday morning, have in fact saved many lives.  Sometimes it takes a tragedy such as this for others to turn to good and allign their lives to a better path.

I have heard people respond to the Sandy Hook shooting with comments like "Our schools aren't even safe.  This just goes to show that I should homeschool my children"  It seems as if these kinds of comments solicit an attitude of defeat. (note: I do not think homeschooling is bad per-say)  I can't help but wonder what the world would really be like if good and law-abiding citizens were to pull their children from society/school.  Other than causing a fear of the world to perpetuate from one generation to the next, what would that really accomplish?  To me, it is preventing children from learning how to be in the world, but no of the world.  It is preventing them from influencing others for good.

If the parents of yesterday removed their children from societies evil influence, there wouldn't be a Vicki Soto, or any of the other Sandy Hook heros.  Those who stood up to protect the innocent children, even putting their own lives in harms way, are who our children have the ability to become in the future.

We can change the world one little soul at a time.  Let us teach our children correct principles and send them out to touch the lives of all they come in contact with.  We need more Vicki Soto's, more Dawn Hochsprung's, and more Mary Sherlach's! 

I am thankful that heros exist, and I choose to focus on making sure my children would react the very same way if ever place in a similar situation.  

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