December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays

Picture overload....

1) Annual Christmas tree hunt

This year was much better than last year, only mostly (we didn't get to enjoy the company of ANY friends or family) BUT Twodles was much more into it and actually had some fun!  

Isn't he so super cute?  He did that all on his own!
My little cuddle bear
I've got the greatest boys in the world
A hunting we will go.
Behold...THE tree!

Proof of fun happening
Can't pass through St. Anthony without stopping at Mr Medics favorite dive, Big J's
In all its glory!
The tree all decorated and the boys in matching PJ's , thanks to Grandpa B
2) We were invited to an ugly sweater/white elephant Christmas party so we had to take advantage of the awesome photo op with Mr Claus earlier that day.

Both boys enjoyed this authentic-looking Santa
"Mom, I'm SOOOO tired of you taking pictures of me in this ugly sweater & turtle neck!"
Our tiny town was all out of decent ugly sweaters for adults, so we settled on making the boys suffer!
3)  I pinned countless activities and food ideas for the holiday season, in hopes to make it a fun filled December, but I think I only got around to two.  The original idea behind this first one was to have a wrapped Christmas themed storybook for every day in December.  Two problems:  One, we are too poor cheap to buy books, and two, by the time I realized I could check some out at the library every other Pinterest-loving-Mormon-momma had probably already scoured the shelves because I couldn't find a single age appropriate one.   I settled to try and find at least 4 that we could read either every Sunday or Monday night...aaaaaannnnnnnnndddddd, that happened ONCE!  I'm lame!

Santa left a Christmas story for us to read for Home Evening & some yummy cookies
(Thanks neighbors for helping make that happen!)

The single December food creation in all its glory!
Twodles loved the Christmas Eve morning breakfast surprise
4)  Because we were going to be home Christmas Eve and Christmas morning for the first time since being married, I was all about finding our own family traditions.  
  • We usually always open one present on Christmas Eve, which is PJ's, but this year we opted against getting the adults any, and I was hoping to find second-hand for the boys, with no luck.  
  • We added a new tradition of opening one additional family gift which will always be either a game to play or a movie to watch.  This year I finally gave in to Mr Medics all time favorite more spiritual based Christmas movie request and bought "Mr. Krueger's Christmas"  
  • Mr Medic treated us to a new Orange Chicken recipe for dinner (we may stick with a "non-conventional" Christmas Eve meal theme) 
  • We played with our Nativity Set instead of reading from the Bible (more Twodles friendly for now) 
  • We left Santa some treats
  • For the first time ever played the "Santa" role!
  • I made cinnamon rolls for our Christmas breakfast (not from scratch, just used pillsbury crescent rolls and did bite size in the mini cupcake pan)  Maybe next year I'll buck up and do the real deal.

He's the only one to get the Christmas PJ's this year.  He threw a fit at first and said they were scary,
but I distracted him enough to get them on him and he soon forgot about not wanting to wear them.
Leaving treats for Santa, and of course following the "one for you, and one for me" rule (hence the full mouth)
Sweet boys in Christmas PJ's (good thing I already had some that worked for Goob)
Santa was nice to Twodles this year.  All but the dinosaur were second-hand steals!  
5) Christmas morning delight.  This is our first year to do the "Santa" thing (which we have actually been debating even doing.  We'll see how we feel about it next year)  It was fun to see Twodles confusion/excitement/overstimulation.
Christmas morning awe!   

"Santa ate his tweat"
Dr kit, just like daddy
Grammy to the rescue!  Woody was the ONLY thing Twodles wanted for Christmas.  
Family photo op, and as much as it looks, no we did not drug Twodles
6) Holiday events not pictured-  
  • We did a service project at the assisted living center next door.  Twodles, myself and a good friend were able to help a senior couple married for a gazillion years do a couple household chores.  They were the most amazing couple and were so sweet and I hope I can be just like them when I grow up!  
  • Along with Santa we met the Grinch or as Twodles calls him "the Brinch" and Twodles was mortified of him.  His hands were exactly like from the movie, long and hairy and he moved them around just perfectly.  Twodles was so scared, he thought they were spiders.  When we tried to get a photo with him, Twodles burst out screaming and crying.  It was quite hilarious.  Needless to say, "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" with Jim Carey is one of Mr Medics favorite Christmas movies so we hesitantly borrowed it to watch as a family.  Twodles was a little wide eyed at first, but eventually warmed up to it.  
  • I helped Grammy make some neighbor gifts and we over-produced by more than 100.  They were super cute, and I'll be posting about that separately.  
  • We went to Mr Medics work party for the fire station, which I spent most of the evening alone because he was on call.  Even though I was at a table with almost complete strangers, I didn't mind much.  It was awesome free food, and a night without kids!
  • I organized a fun Christmas craft with some ladies from church (Ah-ha, that makes 3 Pinterest successes, go me!)
  • I missed singing my favorite Christmas hymn in church "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" :(

Let us always remember the true meaning of Christmas-our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

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