December 27, 2012

Did You Vote?

In October I got hooked up with a super easy and sweet paying J.O.B.  I wasn't looking, but when I heard about it I jumped all over it.  I got paid 10 bones an hour to sit and make calls to people asking them one simple guestion:  "In your opinion have President Obama's policies helped or hurt the economy?"  THAT'S IT!  It was a come-whenever-you-want job, which was perfect because I could go in when Mr Medic was home or when Grammy could come sit with the kids for a bit.  If I planned my day right and the planets aligned, I even got free lunch!  Aside from my very first call which abruptly ended with the gentleman yelling "go F&%# yourself" who could ask for a better source of extra income, especially so close to Christmas?!?

There are a couple things I learned from this experience:
  • People are generally pretty nice, even when they are being bugged by someone they would rather not talk to
  • Getting out of the house is a good thing...for everyone. 
  • Satan is a crafty little devil
The last two I would like to expound on a bit, so bear with me.  

I've always wanted to be and believed in being a stay-at-home-mother.  I was not raised with a SAHM, but I know it's a good thing.  Having said that, "me time" is a must.  It comes in many different forms...craft group, book club, exercising, late night DQ runs, occasionally contributing to society, and using brain cells for somewhat intelligent conversations with adults instead of children.  All the different forms of "me time" help recharge my battery.  This job or "me time" was no different.  My kids missed me, and were excited when I came home, and I was ready to take on mommy duty again.  Great right?

Well, here comes the crafty little devil part.  The more I would go (I actually only did a total of 6 hrs) the more I craved my independence.  I found myself trying to figure out how I could get away more.  The money was awesome, so why not?  I longed for the days when I had no obligations to child or household responsibilities.   I started regretting the fact that I couldn't have a babysitter lined up for longer periods of time especially when they were offering great bonuses like time and a half.  If the job didn't have a set end date I might still be working and trying to find ways to be there more instead of where I really wanted to be, and should be.

Leave it to "the man" to make you feel "needed" somewhere other than where you should be!
You see, getting out of the house isn't bad, in fact it is good.  Unfortunately Satan grasps on to any bit of good twisting it ever so slightly and before you know it you're in too deep.  I do not mean to say that moms who work are doing something bad.  I'm simply saying that it's easy to lose sight of what you really want with harmless 'distrations'.  

I enjoyed the time to do something different, but I am also glad I could learn a lesson about keeping desires in sight and not getting distracted.  (I may even have to learn it again at some point, that just how I roll)

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