October 31, 2012

This is Halloween

Before having kids I swore I would never resort to bribery...and I never really needed to until now!  Yes I am that mom who bribed my kid with every imaginable thing to be desired by a child, trying to get him into the costume I handmade.  When bribery wouldn't work I threatened him!  hahahaha

There were days when he liked wearing it....

And days when he absolutely did not...

One of the very first times I was able to get him in the costume, keep it on, and actually enjoy it a little was by distraction.  I had him in some jammies that had animals on them.  I told him that the animals would get cold if they didn't have their jammies on over them.  Then I distracted him like nobodies business while slipping him into it.  It was quite the process to say the least.  

But, you bet your bottom dollar that I could never get him to sport this awesomeness...

I considered myself lucky when most of the time this is how he ended up....

Can anyone guess what he's watching?  It's his pretty girl, Audrey (from The Lorax)

We did a practice run the weekend before Halloween.  Brown bear and The Lorax
This is about the time I started getting desperate for him to wear a mustache.  At the above mentioned practice run, people kept asking if he was a pumpkin.  Are you kidding me?!?!?!  A pumpkin...really?  I didn't spend so much time hand making this costume with no pattern (which I've never attempted before) just so he could be a pumpkin.  So, I concocted another smaller mustache out of the fleece that could be taped to his face, instead of put around his head with elastic.

Usually Grammy has been around when I bribe/threaten to try and get him to wear the costume and mustache, but this time Mr Medic was home.  It was a sheer nightmare.  I admit now that I was being a touch ridiculous, and at one point Mr Medic asked "is this for him or for you?"  He was screaming, and I may or may not have started acting like a bit of a two year old myself.  I could get him to kiss the mustache, thinking that would help him develop a bit of a "relationship" with it, but he never would put it on.  

Then Mr Medics mom gave me the brilliant idea to paint it on!  HELLO, why didn't I think of that!  Of course as soon as that problem was solved, one more arose and now the kid wouldn't wear the hat with attached eyebrows!  So, we went to our church activity with a mustache, but no eyebrows!  Grrrrrrrr  Thankfully for Halloween day we got all the kinks worked out...mostly.  

My first attempt at an orange wig was....creative, to say the least.  I am from a poe-dunk town, which means there are no orange wigs anywhere, so I made one from 3 witches hats that had a string of orange hair attached.  Not only did I already look like frumpy-Audrey-after-two-kids,  but as Mr Medic so lovingly pointed out I looked more like Ronald McDonald's sister... 

Trick or treat story time at the Library!  (Don't laugh TOO much)
So I opted for spraying my hair instead, which for some reason felt 10x "prettier" than the wig...

Trunk or Treat crashers! 
Twodles had fun, but was a bit weary of the moving skeleton hand...the need for sugar prevailed!

Truffula tree and brown bear

Thanks to parent tax, I'll be enjoying some of that later!
And, for those who haven't seen the movie-shame on you/get over the "political brainwash" and just watch it.  here are some reference pictures...

Twodles first love- Audrey

The Lorax-speaker of the trees and Truffula tree (my personal fav)

Brown Bear and Truffula tree
Hope you enjoyed one of the best holidays of all year, and didn't have as much fuss as I did in making it all come together!  

P.S. How do you get you kids to do something that's not of huge importance, but more just for your own kicks?


  1. I haven't figured it out yet. For family pictures Eleanor wouldn't even take bribery. I had the cutest skirt for her and tights and she refused. She ended up in jeans and a white shirt with her jacket. I was sad, but oh well. Sometimes you just gotten let them do what they are gonna do. Cute costumes by the way!!

  2. Halloween was so much fun! Your fams Lorax costumes were the cutest! Great job! Love,Grammy