October 24, 2012

Let it Begin

First I guess I have to admit that, yes I do occasionally swat my toddlers bottom.  

I won't go into detail about my discipline techniques, because lets be honest I probably do it ALL WRONG, but sadly today was one of those occasions.

After I did that, Twodles screamed out the phrase no parent loves to hear..."I DON'T LIKE YOU MOMMY!"  

(Insert picture of Twodles screaming bloody murder with snot running down is face, here)

It was passionate, as a lot of things are these days (he is two remember) and filled with so much anger, that it cut me right to the core.  At that very moment I knew I was being punished more than he was.  I tried to let it go, but as I dragged him kicking and screaming to the car, I realized that was the first time he had ever said that to me.   I doubt it will be that last either, but it still sucked and I didn't like it.  I don't ever want my little guy to feel that way about me.  I want him to think I am the best thing since apply pie!  

Let's just hope I haven't given him a one way ticket straight to the shrinks reclined lounge seat, where he will blame all of his problems on his mother spanking him. ;)  I hope he will forgive me someday!

To top that little doozy off...


FYI...I did not look anywhere near as happy as this chick does!  
I was so not expecting to have to deal with that either.  You see, winter has its perks, but it also has its downfalls.  First of all, I don't have covered parking.  So yes, that does mean while all you garage/covered parking snobs hop in your car and go, I'm still freezing my fingers off scraping the car windows.  Secondly, it only means we being hibernation/cabin fever mode.  It's too exhausting to bundle kids up like the abominable snowman, just to spend .2 seconds outside before everyone is whinging because its so darn cold.  And third, I love my flip flops!  *all of this is only mostly joking, but really winter is not my favorite season.

You'd think these two things ruined my day, but really it only caused this little ditty pop into my head...

which made me smile.  And then, like we learn from Meet the Robinsons I decided to keep moving forward! 

So there you have it, let the "I don't like you" phrase, and the winter season begin!   

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