August 18, 2012

Letters Make Words

The developmental milestone email reminder told me that as a 2 year old Twodles should be saying 2-3 word sentences.  I knew for sure he says longer sentences than that, but I didn't know how much longer.  Soon after I read the email, while Twodles was working on his lunch (mealtime is usually when he is most talkative) and I was doing the dishes  he says "I like the bubbles in the shower"  I had to count in my head how many words that was...SEVEN!

Later while he was on the potty I thought we could pass the time by singing the ABC's. So I said "lets sing the ABC's" As I started he went right along with me.  Most of it was random, but sometimes I would pause and he would finish a sequence.  I clearly heard "XYZ" and then "sing with me".

We look at letter books a lot, he likes playing with the alphabet magnets on the fridge calling them "numers" and he watches Super Why occasionally, but I have never sang with him.  I had absolutely no clue that he could actually sing some of it.

I shouldn't be too surprised, especially knowing he can hear a word once and its stuck in that elephant-like brain of his.  He now repeats words that we don't want him too. I have to clarify that we do not swear, but some words just sound so terrible coming from such a little mouth.

This video is from today.  Hopefully we can keep working on it and give an update soon!


What a smart little guy!

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