August 19, 2012

Don't Say the L Word!

I finally realized how Twodles became so obsessively scared of lady bugs.

Let me take you back to his birthday not even a month ago.  We were celebrating at Mr Medics parents house on a Sunday evening and there the birthday boy sat excitedly opening one present after another.  He was so happy and even polite, repeatedly saying "fank you".  One of the presents he opened was some plastic bugs...innocent enough right.  Well, take a look at these bad boys...

Their feet are sticky so when you put them on the wall they will flip and tumble down it like a bug.  So we took that little lady bug out of the package and stuck it to the wall.  Twoldes was close and stared at it happily until it started to "crawl"  All of a sudden we hear this high pitched screech escape from Twodles mouth.  At first everyone thought he was super excited, but as soon as we saw his bright red fear stricken face and watched him leap into his daddies lap crying wildly, we knew otherwise.  In all honesty it was quite hysterical.  We were all laughing out of our seats and at the same time trying to calm and reassure him that the lady bug wasn't real.  

Poor boy got teased the rest of night.  Someone would pull the lady bug back out and bring it near Twodles and he would instantly tense up, turn red in the face and start to shake until it was put away.  

So there you have it.  He's terrified of lady bugs now.  Everything that is small is now dubbed a "lay-bug"...spec of dirt, burnt spot on a pancake, lint on his shirt, floaties in his drinks...EVERYTHING!  The other day while he was eating breakfast I heard him giving himself a little pep talk.  He said "there's a lay-bug in my bowl...lay-bug not mean...lay-bug not real!"

There is hope for him though.  You see, he is a morbid little boy.  He has this sick relationship with things that he fears.  Its almost as if he is fascinated by his fears.  

Most kids want the comics, mine wants the ads
Goodnight kisses

It started out with the vacuum.  He was so scared of that thing, but always insisted on looking at it and touching it.  But once it roared to life he would scream and shake.  He has now developed a very positive relationship with vacuums.  He will push one around while its on, and always wants to give it kisses.

This video is from May:

I just love how he is smart enough to bed over and pick up the cord to go backwards!

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