August 20, 2012

Laugh it off

I bet you're wondering whats going on in this picture.

I had a fun last minute Family Home Evening with some couples from the ward tonight.  We talked about the things that Elder Bendar, an Apostle for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, shared with our congregation in church yesterday as a "surprise" visitor.  

Afterwards we had some orange and root beer floats.  And because I have the most observant son ever, I ended up with his dessert all over me.  But the mess didn't end there.  As I was opening the root beer to get seconds it exploded all over me and the poor little boy sitting next to me.  It wasn't all that bad considering I was a complete mess already.  I "toughed" it out to play two rounds of a new game possibly called "Celebrity" When I finally got home I decided to give Twodles a much needed bath, since he was pretty sticky himself, having enjoyed probably a little too much float!

While Twodles was "swimming" in the tub (very shallow mind you) I went to get his towel and came back to a UFO sharing the bath water with my boy.  I know what your thinking...something like that is definitely too big to fit in a bathtub, but I assure you its not the kind you are thinking of.  It was an Unidentified Floating Object!  I was tempted to insert picture proof here, because you all know I took one, but don't worry I'll spare you the scene.

So, I scoop Twodles out of the tub and began to try and use one of his toy cups to sift the UFO out.  While gagging my brains out, I look down at Twodles, who is pretty much laughing hysterically, and he is now standing in a puddle of pee!  Great, two bodily fluids in a matter of minutes.  I throw a towel down on the floor, finally scoop out the UFO still gagging, dump it in the toilet and what do you know...I puke up my delicious dessert all over.  Bodily fluid number three!

I am glad to say that all I could do at that point was grab the camera again, and laugh it off.  So go ahead,  take another glance at that picture...

It's Twodles standing in a puddle of pee, staring at the UFO in the tub and my dessert all over the floor!

I know you all wish you were chillin' at our house tonight don't you?

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  1. What ward do you go to? I was visiting a ward and all of a sudden everyone was standing up and I just looked around really confused haha!