July 2, 2012


We welcomed our second sweet little baby boy into our family on Monday, June 18th at 9:18 p.m.

It was quite the experience, one that will definitely be blogged soon enough, but I wanted to share something else first.

Baby and I had been in the hospital for what felt like an eternity, but in reality was only 5 days.  I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Mr. Medic and Twodles to rescue us from the less than tasty meals, constant monitoring, one crabby nurse lady, and much more less than ideal circumstances.  I was all packed and ready to go when they finally walked through the door with bright rosy cheeks.  Mr. Medic explained that it was way too hot to leave just yet, and that we should wait until it cooled off a bit.  No AC is just one of the many downfalls of our clunker car.

We finally made our way out of the hospital, and were on our way home.  It felt so great to breath the fresh air and to be out of the confines of my little room.  As we drove home I kept looking over to my sweet husband and back at my two adorable boys.  I felt an overwhelming sense of completeness, not that we were done having kids or anything, but a feeling of "this is what life is all about!"  My desires were becoming a reality, no matter how impossible it may have sometimes seemed.

I immediately thought of a clip from the movie "Hook" that sort of explains how I was feeling.

You see, Peter could't see what was right in front of him.  He wanted so bad to enjoy the moment, but he let his apprehensions get the best of him.  Too often I get caught up in the impossibility of things and how there's just no way I can ever do X, Y, Z.  I've always had a desire to be a mother to lots of children, and most of the time the idea seems completely crazy. Only when I put my trust and faith in God am I able to see a clear vision of my goals and take smalls steps to accomplish them.  There I is was driving home with my family, with another little body occupying the back seat.  I was DOING IT!

I don't know if that makes any sense, but it is what it is!


  1. Loved your post. I love those moments to remind us what it's all about.

    Oh and PS I LOVE hospital food!!

    1. I usually do to Maria, but this time it was not doin' it for me!