December 3, 2011

Just for kicks

Every once in a while I get on some kind of kick.  Example of said kick:  

Season 1 of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution  I started watching because it was based out of Huntington, West Virginia where Mr. Medic (the hubs) and I both served missions for our church.   The TV series is about being more aware of what our kids are eating for school lunch, and making a "food revolution."  At the time I was subbing in my school district and ended up getting a school lunch one day.  I was appalled that the largest tray section, which one would assume would be reserved for the MAIN DISH, was filled with a GIGANTIC cinnamon roll!  There was then a small section of "chili" if it could even be called that.  To my recollection (which lets be honest, having a kid can really cause a little brain fuzz) that was the meal, not forgetting the chocolate milk of course.  I was outraged and I wanted to do something about it.  I clicked that button and made my pledge to the food revolution all while eating an entire package of OREO'S....then nothing!

(Twodles takes after his momma!)

Well, recently I've had a series of events occur that have given reason for a much more meaningful long lasting "kick."  A friend, and member of my church congregation, recently found out her husband has stage 4 lymphoma.  They are an amazing couple with incredible strength and courage, which I know comes from their faith in Jesus Christ.  (Here's their blog if you want to follow.  Its very real and super uplifting)  Then one of Mr. Medics family friends passed away after her battle with cancer.  I know cancer exists, and that it is sad and scary and terrible, but it really has never been so close to home for me.  I think we tend to see ourselves and the people around us as invincible, like nothing bad could ever happen to US!

Now here's where my next little kick came in.  I wanted to do something about what was happening around me.  I wanted to help people.  I didn't want to just feel strongly about wanting to make a change and then do nothing like previous kicks, but I didn't know what to do. One day, with this lack of knowing what to do weighing on my mind, Mr. Medic and I went to the fire station for a blood drive.  As I was eating my cookie and filling out my survey, one of the questions asked if I would be interested in organizing a drive.  I marked "yes" thinking this could be my way of making a difference.  Within a few days of that, I received an email asking if I was still committed to bone marrow donation.  Suddenly, I remembered that years ago I registered as a bone marrow donor.  THAT'S IT!  So I responded to the email that I was still committed and immediately sent in a request for information on how to organize a drive in my area.

Things seemed to just fall into place.  I had to work out some logistics, become a service activities "manager" at the University I attend, find some volunteers to help me, convince people that it's not as bad as they have heard, and badda-bing badda-boom, the very first ever MARROW DONOR REGISTRY was on the calendar of events at BYU-Idaho.  I spent a lot of time organizing and preparing for this event.  It was so amazing to see people step right in and get involved in making this happen.  I had students that went above and beyond to spread the word.  They started making announcements in classes, getting teachers to give extra credit to register, passing around sign-up sheets, helping at info booths...I mean all sorts of different things.

The blessed day was finally here.  December 1st, 2011 proved to be a day I will surely never forget!  I kept telling myself, "well I know at least one person will register, Mr. Medic is coming...even one person is one more that wasn't registered before!"  I was preparing for less, but secretly hoping and praying for more!  I had to remind myself all day to keep it together and not burst into tears in front of everyone.  If I stopped for even a split second to really absorb what was taking place before my eyes, I would start to tear up.  It was incredible!  We had 132 people show up to register that day, and I'm still getting messages from people wanting to know how they can make a difference and save a life!  And guess's how!   *make sure to use promo code BTMM49 *

(Student volunteer on the left and Miss Mary swabbing on the right)

I didn't just feel passionate about something, be into it for a week, and then go about my life without giving it another thought or allowing it to change me or another person.  I actually did something this time too.  I saw that feeling, combined with doing, brings about more good and more change than just simply feeling. Not only did I feel a greater amount of joy and satisfaction in accomplishing a goal, but I hope that others will benefit from my efforts as well.  You never know, maybe 1 of those 132 is a match for someone...that's 1 life saved!

My goal is to remember the power in feeling AND doing and continue to make changes in my own life and the lives of others.  You should give it a test drive too, I promise you won't be disappointed!

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