August 29, 2011

Endorphins...YES PLEASE!

Many of you know that at the beginning of the year I decided to get my rear in gear and lose some weight. I wish I could blame it all on having a baby. But let's be honest, I was carrying the weight of a baby LONG before I ever got pregnant.  I joined a program at the University I attend similar to Biggest Loser: trainers, nutritionist, the whole bit.  The program went about 3 months and in that time I lost 30 pounds. Afterward I kept up it up on my own and lost almost 10 pounds more.  Then Scout Camp happened.  Thankfully I only gained 5 pounds and I'm glad to say that after a near 7-week hiatus I'M BACK IN THE GAME!

I made my way to the gym this morning, dragging my feet as I went, thinking how I REALLY did not want to experience that lovely jello jiggler feeling I get when I run on the treadmill.  I was dreading even more the fact that I had no music.  I finally did the much-needed music cleanse yesterday.  I will admit that it has taken years for my conscience to catch up with me on the music pirating I did as a teen.  This amazing talk by David A. Bednar has been ringing in my ears since the day I heard him give it, and prompted the initial cleanse that same day (yes, I did cleanse once before but got sneaky and found the music again on the old Mac...shame on me).  So today I opted for Pandora, which turned out to be the best thing that happened for my workout session.

I pick my station (just in case you were wondering, I typed in Bruno Mars) and started jiggling...I mean jogging.  After about 2 minutes Katy Perry's "Firework" came on and I found my groove!  Next thing I know I'm having to try extremely hard to overcome this insatiable desire to sing out loud and dance on the treadmill (imagine me doing something like this but WAY better).  I was smiling big and really enjoying myself, which is incredible because I STILL hate running.  I felt like I could (here's the point were you think Im going to write "I felt like I could run a marathon!"  I'm not that crazy) be in a musical! You know the star in the next High School Musical: Poor college student with a post pregnancy jello jiggler body.  I'm sure it would get GREAT reviews!  Anyway, I was rockin' it on the treadmill and I felt AMAZING!  I finished up a sweet workout, all thanks to Dave Bednar, Pandora, Katy Perry, and last but not least a super imagination!  Endorphins...YES PLEASE!


  1. you are so good. I had the opportunity to run this morning. But I cleaned my house instead. I should have run.
    OKAY I am totally going in the morning maybe.
    P.S. if you want to legally buy some music for cheap check out gomusicnow. We purchased $20 when we first got married and it lasted us 4.5 YEARS. We just put another $30 on it to get us to our 10th anniversary. enjoy!

  2. Kris-Thanks for the music lead, I am totally checking that out!

  3. omg I love this post! too funny! and for the record I think you look great! Ive gained a little weight since I finished my half marathon in June. Sounds crazy but I feel like pictures while I was training my face looks a lot thinner! I actually started walking early in the mornings at Nature Park if you ever want to join me! (usually around 730) ALSO... I dont know what your schedule is this fall but I teach an indoor cycling class 10:15-11:15(am) mondays and wednesdays. Its a one credit class but feel free to sit in if you want!

  4. I totally have been feeling the same way Chandee! But instead I would be in Glee. Yes I have been rocking out to Glee this whole week! haha