August 26, 2014

Just Because

As much as my little pups drive me absolutely bonkers sometimes and I want to drop kick them on occasion, I truly love them more than words can say. They give me opportunities each day to develop Christ's characteristics, especially patience and charity. And those are definitely qualities I need. It's a slow process, and I hope that they can forgive me for falling short.

For some reason this is the first thing that popped into my head. Maybe I need to chant this throughout the day, huh?

Anyway, without further ado.....
Doesn't he look so grown up?

This is Goob's new trick. He loves doing and laughs hysterically at himself.  (side note: his laugh has turned into a full on evil villain sort of laugh. It's kinda creepy)
Heart breaker!

Brother love
Oh the drama! 

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