August 12, 2014

First World Problems

I love to eat lots of veggies and would consider myself pretty open to a wide variety of flavors. My husband and boys on the other hand....they are picky as picky gets.

Mr Medic has never been one to complain. He's a true champion when it comes to eating things he doesn't like, but I can totally tell when he's choking dinner down and doing a bang up job of controlling his gag reflex (picture something like this)

We have been enforcing the "this-is-all-that-we're-having-for-dinner" rule with the boys for quite a while after I wasted time and food being their short order cook. If they don't like what I've made, they don't eat. We do a lot of talking-it-up too. We tell the boys that eating their dinner makes them strong and gives them big muscles, to which we then have to go around the table feeling everyone's "tough bones"

Anyway, I've been really looking forward to tonights meal, but the odds were against me from the get go. While I was prepping for it yesterday I took a licking from the kitchen mandolin and ended up with 4 stitches.

I went for another go at it today and just as I put it in the oven the power went out. I checked the breaker in the bog basement to no avail. The boys and I waited for an hour in the fading evening light as I grew increasingly annoyed that dinner would never be ready in time. WHY?!?!? This meal was just not meant to be!

I was determined to eat it though, so after Mr Medic fixed the breaker (I swear I'm not dumb, just freaked out with all the jerry rigging going on with the electrical stuff downstairs) we sat down to dinner just before the boys' bedtime. 

And here it is in all its glory!  It was so good! 

Zucchini Lasagna (the zucchini is the noodle, folks!) Recipe found here
I died and went straight to food heaven at first bite, but then I looked at Mr Medic who was doing a Jim Carey (just in case you didn't click the first time) Normally it's no big thang and I can totally ignore it, but man, I just wish there was at least one other person in this house that semi-enjoyed eating food that I whole heartily love. 

So, my life dilemma at the moment...Do I make food that is just so-so to me so I can feel satisfied that my family enjoys it? Or, do I make what I love and not give a hoot if anyone else likes it?

You tell me cause this momma just doesn't have a clue.

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  1. Right there with ya, girl. Love my hub to death, but his favorite foods include cocoa puffs, lucky charms and hotdogs. But, after almost 4 years of trying, he is finally enjoying my post-workout greendrinks wtih me. That is a MIRACLE! So I guess my advice is patience, ha ha! ;)