August 20, 2013

Retraining a Sweet Tooth

It's been one whole week since I indulged in a single delicious morsel of sweetness.

It was hard the first couple days, but I've gotten to the point where I am ok to say no.  I'm sure there will be moments when I really want something, but I will wait to face that challenge when the time comes rather than fret about it now.

I know in a previous post about regulating media I mentioned that it is extreme to cut things out completely, but I think I will maintain that stance for some things, but not all.  In my case right now, it is best for me to have no sweets whatsoever.  I am better able to jumpstart my weight loss goal this way, but more importantly I get to reset my palate.  I am probably as close to a treat-o-holic as one can get.  It's what gets me through tough days and brings me to my happy place. My threshold for tolerating sweets is much higher than it should be.

I cannot say how long I will go without sweets.  I may even indulge on occasion, but for now this is working well.

Not eating sweets doesn't mean I have to feel neglected from enjoying food.  Fruit is often a good replacement for me, but I'd like some more ideas.

What do you eat as a more healthy alternative to satisfies your sweet tooth?


  1. I am a HUGE sweets addict also and I have been doing something similar this week!! It's hard but it is starting to feel great and be a tiny bit easier to say no. I have found that oranges are a great substitute, and I drink a LOT of water!!

  2. Frozen fruit! Then I feel like I'm eating a popsicle and therefore, trick myself. My favorites are blueberries and grapes and sometimes banana slices. It's a good thing to eat when you're feeling munchy too.

  3. This is something I totally need to do. Mostly because it seems I keep running across articles about how bad sugar is for the body, it must be a sign that I need to make a change. I totally get where I'll have a couple of cookies but it doesn't satisfy my sugar needs at all and so I have a ton more.

  4. For me, I usually eat treats because it is easy to grab and I am hungry and don't want to fix I have found if I 1) don't buy or make sugary foods and 2) keep my fridge/ cupboards stocked with healthy food that I like, I eat a lot better. It's not SUPER healthy, but I LOVE apple slices with PB and old fashioned oats topped with semi sweet chocolate chips ;)

  5. fruit or those chunky monkey cookies that are made of fruit, not sugar

  6. fruit, smoothies, frozen yogurt (like a really good quality greek yogurt put into the freezer), a little granola with tons of fruit and a little honey, homemade fruit muffins (no sugar).

    If eat enough healthy snacks and don't let myself get starved I can usually resist the sweets a little better.