March 6, 2013

Growing my Tree

I have been trying really hard to put in a good bit of time each day to read my scriptures and pray.  I am finding it increasingly difficult to acquire the quiet time I would like to focus spiritually.  Any moment that is opportune for praying and studying conveniently happens to be when I am so dog-tired from a full day of mommy-ing that I can't even think straight anymore.  I am learning though, that sometimes we have phases in life where we just have to be satisfied with our level best, and that there simply won't always be a full hour of uninterrupted time to ponder and meditate.

In an effort to cultivate a deep-rooted lifelong habit of scripture study and a bit of a spiritual pick-me-up, I have decided to dedicate a tab on the blog titled "Growing my Tree" of my daily spiritual insights.

A tree is only as strong as its roots
I hope that it enables me to dig a little deeper (do you have the Princess and the Frog song in your head now?) into what I am learning and find applications to my everyday life.  I need reminders of what my purpose is, what my end goals should be, and encouragement to keep moving forward. (There's a plug for Meet the Robinson's hahaha)  It is also my hope that something I share will inspire or lift someone else.

I would LOVE your thoughts and insight, kind of like a cyber scripture study group, if you will.

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  1. Amen! I completely feel the same way. It's like 20 minutes in the scriptures gives me hours and hours of peace during the day. 20 minutes to thinking more before I speak or act, 20 minutes to less stress and more love in my home. 20 minutes to remembering who I am, and what my eternal purposes are. One thing that really helps me is to write specific questions in my study journal. For instance, I'll write something like " How can this chapter about Alma help me with my illustrations? or How can I treat Q like the Savior treated these people? I love making lists and asking myself these questions really helps. I have also learned to "decompartmentalize" my scripture study. Before I became a mom, I would study every morning, same time, for about an hour...but now I try to study every morning at the same time, but sometimes that isn't possible, so I prayerfully read a few verses inbetween classes, or right before bed, or while I feed jr. I've found that the Lord is always waiting to speak to me if I am willing to listen whenever I can. (And thanks for providing me a little break from my class..ha ha! I am now ready to get back to work!!)