January 15, 2013

I Never Want to Forget

I wanted to write this down before I forget.

I was recently given an assignment for church that will require a lot of time.  I was surprised, but not nervous.  The day after I was asked to take on this responsibility, my thoughts were all over the place.  Still I did not feel nervous.  Here is what I have observed so far...Heavenly Father will bless you for doing what He asks.

Blessing #1-  I had my very first experience with a non-mormon in my tiny Mormon filled town, the very next day after this assignment was given.  I was caught off guard, but excited for the interaction.  My new assignment made it possible to share a little about our church.

Blessing #2-  My children can sometimes get the best of me!  I have recently discovered that I exhibit signs of what the Dr liked to call reactive hypoglycemia (may be made up just to satisfy me, IDK)  I have found that if I do not start my day with a protein rich meal, and continue to stuff my face with wise food choices all day long, I quickly get shaky, weak, sweaty, and very very irritable.  It could just be my imagination, but since my church assignment was given, I feel that I have kept this under control well, and have not been irritated with my children's usual annoyances.  I have found them to be very amusing, and I sit and admire them for long periods of time.  I love who they are. They are so funny and sweet and happy.  They make me happy.

Blessing #3-  This one could be kudos to me or my husband.  Either way, I like it.  I have noticed that we are being better team players.  Case in point:  I decided that I may need to get with the times and add texting onto our plan since others will need to be in contact with me more than usual (again, relating to the church assignment) I hesitantly suggested it to Mr Medic, expecting him to roll his eyes and laugh at what he thought might be another one of my lame attempts at being part of the "in crowd"  I was shocked to hear him say nothing more than he agreed and to call the phone company.  WOW!  He has also taken initiative of random things that will make my life easier without my knowing it beforehand.  I can't even begin to express my gratitude for a companion that enables me to serve to the best of my ability by offering support and unconditional love.
I know there are many more blessings and miracles in store.  I'm so thankful for the blessings I have been given and the love I feel from Heavenly Father.

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