October 19, 2012

Hooked on a Feelin'

Twodles has a nasty habit that he frequents way too often...HITTING!  It's his go-to reaction to just about anything.  The other day he hit me in the face so I asked him why he did it.  With a scrunched up nose and blushing face he said that he was angry.  HALLELUJAH...PRAISES BE...HE FINALLY CORRECTLY IDENTIFIED WHY HE HIT!  I'm pretty sure he won't do that any time soon, but it provided me a good opportunity to teach him about his feelings and expressing them appropriately.

Thanks to Grammy we have this little gem to give us some help:

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We have had it for a while, but have been reading it quite a bit more lately.  Twodles can say all the feelings described in the book just by looking at the pictures.

Along with reading this book, I have taught him that instead of hitting he can say what he is feeling.  He hasn't quite mastered the switchover yet, but I'm going to keep at it.  

Even more fun than reading the book or practicing saying "I feel ________" instead of hitting we sometimes sit around and practice the facial expressions that go along with the feelings in the book.

This just so happened to be what we decided to do while we were snuggling in bed one morning.  We hope you enjoy, because we sure did!



ANGRY (the feeling Twodles prefers most)

And best of all...HAPPY!

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  1. These are such cute pics of your expressions. Love this blog! Grammy