September 21, 2012

Twodles likes girls

He's only two and is definitely already showing his interest in the ladies!

Any girl would love this tough looking dude.  The bandana and GI Joes in hand tip the scales!

His first time going to a movie theater was to see The Lorax.  He was glued to the ginormous screen for every minute of that brightly colored movie!  From that point on he talked about Audrey non-stop.  He constantly says, "where Audrey...she cute...I love her" or "mom, your pretty like Audrey!"  He even said he wants to be Audrey for Halloween.

First time to the theater
Then on the fourth of July we went to the city parade.  One of the floats had a bunch of girls dancing on the flatbed of a semi to loud music.  When Twodles woke up from his nap that afternoon, he told me  "pretty girls dancing on truck, music loud!"

Twodles checking out the ladies at the Fourth of July Parade, and Mr Medic looking VERY skeptical 

As of late he's found a new crush...Rapunzel.  We borrowed Tangled and as we were watching it he said "I love this girl, she pretty, she got long hair on her"

Here's where Mr Medic will point out that even at a young age boys like girls with long hair, but its not the long hair I've got on my mind.  Its that he's even showing affection for the girls at all when he's so young.

Twodles is clearly attracted to girls.  I have never heard him say "I like the boy, he is cute"  Now one could argue that he has been trained and conditioned to respond affectionately to girls only.  He see's his daddy and me being affectionate (which I believe is very important for children to see) and he watches movies that depict men and women liking each other.  I have never talked to him about liking one or the other, nor have I allowed him to watch forms of media that promote same gender attractions.  So I guess if that is conditioning...I'm guilty.

I've expressed here on my blog once before already about how I believe that we are each born with specific gender identities, and I know that includes our attractions to those whom God intended, men for women, and women for men.  I know is that without much outside influence, Twodles enjoys him some cute girls, and it sure is cute and just a little alarming.  I assume I may just have to keep a close eye on him as time goes on.  I wouldn't want him to be that sneaky little boy that is caught chasing the girls at recess playing kissing tag!

So here are my questions:

Do you believe that people can be born with SSA, or is it a series of events that cause them to develop those tendencies, or a combination of both?

Do you believe that a parent can have a strong influence on their child's sexual preference?
  • For instance, if I were to play dress up with Twodles and occassionally put him in a dress, or give him barbie dolls to play with or whatever it may be, is it possible that I can alter his "original" sexual preference to that of another?  


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  2. I think it can be both. I think just like some people are tempted by alcohol or gambling, some people just have that as their temptation they have to overcome. I also feel that the environment you are in will influence that as well and/or tip the scales...such as living in a world that tells everyone it is fine and no one teaching the opposite, having a traumatic experience as a child (sexual abuse), people overly pushing a child the opposite way (forcing a child to be tough, not to be a "sissy"). I think the best thing any parents can do is show their children what healthy love looks like (being kind and loving to each other), teach them the principles of the gospel as soon as possible and as frequently as possible and love them no matter what. Love, love, love.

  3. I should just add that not everyone that has something like that happen to them will lean towards same sex attractions. I was just trying to say that sometimes our environment really changes us. Also all of this is obviously just my opinion. :)

  4. it does seem like the young boys that play/get along w/girls more than they do boys seem more femmy. i definitely think kids need to hang out w/a variety of kids. after reading josh weed's blog i have been doing alot of thinking on this subject. now i want to know what jenni posted & removed...