May 6, 2012


Why is watching reality TV so darn enticing?!?!?

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Let's be honest, most of it is smut and almost entirely pointless, but once I've survived the day as a mom to an active toddler I find myself mindlessly channel surfing and getting stuck on the same old garbage night after night.  I know I have better things to DO, but come on, don't I have better things to WATCH?

In some cases I could argue that its a subject matter that I enjoy and would love to try my hand at someday, like fashion/home design challenges or cooking face-offs.  But what about those I-sit-around-in-fancy-clothes-wearing-extravagent-jewelry-doing-absoultely-nothing-besides-gossip-all-day shows that have no agenda or purpose?  It's merely people living a lifestyle unlike my own, doing crazy things, and having no seen consequences for their actions. There are a few reality TV shows that promote good values and morals, but its rare.  What am I really getting out of it? Probably nothing too positive.

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In fact, I'm really only gleaning mostly negative ideals like:

-Gossiping is a social norm
-Family relations are only temporary and not valued
-Anyone is replaceable
-It's ok to say/do whatever you want regardless of the effect it has on another person
-Money buys happiness
-Body image/Immodesty is everything and should be flaunted for all to enjoy
-As the above "de-motivational" poster above indicates "your life just isn't good enough"

I could go on and on.

I just saw a commercial promoting a new series on TV titled "7 Days of Sex"  The catch line is something like let intimacy save your marriage.  I firmly believe this is how Satan gets hold on us today, taking something that is good (saving your marriage) and then coupling it with something inappropriate and filthy (exploiting intimacy which is sacred and private).  We are enticed and initially attracted by the good part, and try to ignore or justify the bad that goes along with it.  Then His job is done...we are hooked.

With all the negativity its a wonder I haven't vowed to never watch TV again.  To be honest I have actually done that a few times already.  I began to notice a negative haze taking over my brain and bogging me down in all ways imaginable.  I was more grumpy than normal, and tended to be a lot more negative towards myself and others.  I realized there were other more important things I was neglecting, so I had to cut something out.  TV smut is what I chose to cut out.  And now here I am again ready to do the same thing, but hopefully more permanently this time.

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Its not realistic for me to say that I won't watch TV at all.  Its better to start somewhere than do nothing at all right? In order for me to be successful at cutting out the TV "fat" as I'll call it, its obvious that a plan of action is necessary.


I will not watch any TV program that promotes inappropriate values.


Most of my TV viewing time is done either while Twodles is napping or after 8 pm when Mr. Medic and Twodles have gone to bed, so I want to compile a list of projects or things I have been meaning to do for some time but have just never gotten around to doing.

Things to do during my personal time:

-Sew a blessing/christening outfit for #2. (I have had the pattern since before Twodles was born, and have this great idea to repurpose my wedding dress as the fabric, but didn't make it happen YET)

-Keep up on our budget

-Make the PVC toddler chair for Twodles

-Read my book club book

-Earring/Jewelry Holder

-Re-organize kitchen cupboards

-Read one spiritually uplifting/motivational article a week

-Research and try out some new recipes

And because sometimes even Twodles and I get stuck in front of the TV watching too many cartoons or the same 3 DVD's over and over...

Things to do as a family or with my son:

-Try one new Pinterest toddler activity/craft a week.

-Go for a long walk

-Go to the park

-Practice make believe

-Try out the new swim park

-Go on a picnic

-Fly a kite

-Catch bugs

-Teach Twodles to ride a bike

-Spend time potty training Twodles

Imagine if each of us were asked to evaluate our lives and how we spend our time, and then asked to choose one thing that is of no positive value to cut out.  Naturally, the choices would be different for everyone.  It would be interesting to see some of the choices that would be made.  Sometimes its not until someone else points out the unnecessary in their lives that we realize it might also be unnecessary in ours as well.

What "fat" do you want to cut out of your life, and what is your plan of action?

What activities do you have planned this summer to keep you busy?


  1. Everything you have said is so true. There are many times I find myself watching something that is all not so wholesome. After watching said program I wonder why I just wasted an hour watching that.

    My plan of action for this summer is fix up the new house we just bought. It needs a lot of work and will take a lot of time redoing. Not only that we have decided not to have tv in the house at all.

  2. I try to balance watching TV with doing things. Like I have to fold laundry, do sewing or a craft,or do the dishes when I am watching a show. When I am watching a show I know I have work to do, and it is my way of making it more bearable. If I have nothing to do and want to watch a show, then I know it is time to make cookies, go to the park, or pick up that book that I have wanted to read for a while. My biggest problem is not the TV itself, it is making my to do list so long that I find myself too busy for the things that are more important.

  3. (This is actually Jodie writing this) When we lived in Rexburg we didn't have TV, though we did have Netflix. We pretty much never watched TV. Now we have cable and it is sucking our life away. People are getting caught up in their "shows". Before when we didn't have cable we were alive. We actually improved ourselves and were happier when we didn't have the TV on all day. It's really easy to let the TV take over our lives. We're trying to not let it now that we've recognized it, ha. So good luck to you in trying to come up with other activities to do. It's hard at first but then it's like why did I ever love TV so much?