February 6, 2012


Last summer I found these two amazing frames at a yard sale for $2 each.  They had a lot of potential!

These had two huge holes all the way through the frame at each decorative point

Close up detail.  The circular part is where the wholes were.

I already decided on a color palette for the much needed living room re-do, so I knew what color these would be.  Then I found this antiquing method by The Speckled Dog via Pinterest.  But like most college students, I didn't have all the products they listed. I used black acrylic paint I already had instead of the glaze they recommended for the antiquing part.

My process:

1.   Fill all holes or gouges and imperfections with spackle, and allow to dry
2.   Sand spackled areas & rest of piece if needed.  Make sure to wipe piece after sanding to remove dust
3.   Paint item and allow to dry completely
4.   With a sponge brush, apply slightly watered down black acrylic paint to piece
5.   Allow to dry about 2 minutes.  DON'T DRY TOO LONG!
6.   Using a barely damp rag or paper towel begin to wipe away black paint until you reach your desired look.  I liked the black remaining mostly in the crevasses.

Finished Product:

Close up detail


  1. OMG I LOVE IT!!!! let's do crafts together!

    1. Anytime girl! You have something in mind?

  2. I'm only completely jealous of your nature eye for potential and beauty. :) I love this frame. After you have gotten your room to where you want it, will you post a complete picture or series of pictures? I totally want to see the overall difference.

    1. Thanks Brand. I'm planning to try for an overall reveal.