August 27, 2011

What's in a name?

I should probably explain the name of the blog...SLOTH is the Searcy family mascot.  I know, sounds AWESOME right!  Here's what Wikipedia has to say about the sloth: "Sloths have become icons for relaxation and slow movement, in many societies." Now that we have that established, I will share with you a little experience Mr. Medic (my husband) had upon returning home from a mission.

The family sits down for a nice dinner, everyone begins to eat and talk when out of the blue Dad Searcy says "Who are we?" Everyone responds while doing an extremely slow Jersey Shore style fist pump in the air "SLOTHS!" Now envision a 4 year old little girl (Mr. Medics littlest sister) who can't yet pronounce her S's doing this cult like chant by saying "LOTH!"  They explain that the family dubbed the sloth as the family mascot because they are all homebodies and somewhat introverted.  A little strange right?  Needless to say Mr. Medic was weirded out, but it sticks.

Mr. Medic has always been one of the more outgoing of the bunch, and to top it off he married ME (loud, comparatively aggressive, opinionated, competitive...pretty much the complete opposite of a sloth)  We pride ourselves these days in being the odd ducks (or should I say sloths) and being NOT SO SLOTH...alas the blog name!


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. So glad you're here :) and can't wait to read all about your adorable little fam!

  2. Hehe, makes me think of sid the south, he seemed pretty energetic! I'm excited to read your posts!!

  3. thanks for the background post! so far i have to say i'm loving the blog!

  4. That is totally awesome, the sloth family. I can't wait to read more post from our friendly not so sloth, sloths.